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Likili Bus ban to hurt Ikelengi travelers


North-Western Province Bus and Taxi owners’ Association Chairperson Leonard Kalume has said the suspension of the road service license for Likili bus will have an adverse effect on the Mwinilunga-Ikelengi route.

 Mr Kalume said Ikelengi district is currently serviced by only one bus therefore a ban will mean people who depend on public transport will stop moving which will affect business.

“Putting a ban on Likili is not a solution, it doesn’t mean that when you put a ban then all the accidents will stop, it’s just a matter of correcting what caused the same accidents” said Mr Kalume.

He said most of the big buses are avoiding the Ikelengi route because of the poor state of the road, therefore, it will be to the disadvantage of the people if the bus was to stop servicing the route.

And Mwinilunga District Commissioner Harrison Kamuna said business people are currently depending on the bus to facilitate their movements to and from Mwinilunga.

Mr Kamuna said government means well for the people of Zambia by suspending the license, however, it is challenging for them as a district to completely stop the bus from going to Mwinilunga because people still need to move.

“All we can say is that Mwinilunga wants even more than five big buses, the buses we have are not enough, we need more buses to service the people of Mwinilunga district” said Mr Kamuna.

The District Commissioner called the Management for Likili motorways to put up measures to ensure no life is lost on the road in avoidable circumstances.

A quick check by the ZANIS crew found the Likili bus still carrying passengers from Solwezi to Mwinilunga-Ikelengi.

Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali on Tuesday stated that government has suspended the road service license for Likili Bus service following the increased records of accidents due to careless driving.


  1. It’s going to hurt all of us. It’s one the most reliable transportation. Perhaps GRZ can attach a ratsa member of staff to Likili for safety awareness for a period of time.

  2. Adults need shepherding??? Who doesn’t know that careless/dangerous driving is a big problem. A ban is the only option now. If the road is bad, reduce speed. The gov has to fix the roads also but you can not be careless because gov hasn’t done it’s part.

  3. Overtaking on blind spots is the main cause of fatalities in our country. RATSA must increase patrols and come up with harsh penalties for such offences.

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