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40 year old Chifunabuli man defiles a grade one pupil on a veranda


Police in Chifunabuli District in Luapula Province have arrested and charged a 40 year old man for allegedly defiling a 12 years old girl who is also a grade one pupil at Nambale Primary School.

 Chifunabuli District Commissioner, Stanley Mukosa said the incident occurred on August 2, 2023 at around 21:00hrs.

“I can confirm the arrest of a 40 year old man identified as James Chola Kasata of Mashitolo Village in Chief Chitembo’s Chiefdom, for allegedly defiling a 12 years old girl of Kangombe Village in Chief Mwansakombe’s Chiefdom. The incident happened on August 2, 2023 at around 21:00hrs,” he said.

Mr. Mukosa explained that on the material day around 20:00hrs, the juvenile went to play with friends and later decided to go back home but met the accused on the way who took advantage of her.

“Brief facts are that on August 2, 2023 around 20:00hrs, the victim went to play with friends and later decided to go back home to sleep but unfortunately, she met the accused on the way who took her to a house nearby were the owner is away in Lunga and had carnal knowledge of her at the veranda,” he explained.

Mr Mukosa said to prevent the minor from shouting for help, the accused used a head sock he was wearing to cover the minor’s mouth and prevent her from screaming for help.

“To prevent the minor from shouting for help, the accused put a head sock in her mouth and when he was done having carnal knowledge of her, he used the same head sock to clean her private part and told her that young girls grow by sleeping with elderly men,” he narrated.

He said the minor went home and decided to report the matter to her mother who took her to Nambale Clinic and reported it to Police.

Mr. Mukosa said a medical report was issued, which confirmed that the girl sustained a painful vagina.

The accused will appear in court soon.


  1. When I say this is heterosexual behaviour, some sad homophobes will come and call me names. When did you ever hear of such a case involving a man and a boy? It is always heterosexuals doing such dirty things. Legalise lgbt

  2. I thought I should respond and ask LT to direct Wagner to where he belongs. We discuss Zambian politics and share diverse ideas. But Wagner does not do any of that but busy propagation of homo behavior. He is sick and needs to be stopped from infiltrating our debates here. Unless he has somebody at LT supporting him !. Put a robot to check on abusive words. The robot can ban that character for specified time until they charge and then allow them back. The way things are I like want to puke when I am forced to read what Wagner posts.

    • You are a sick insecure puppy. I am sure you are failing to satisfy your wife and have gay feelings. Many of our members were like you. They lived in sad marriages with women they didnt love all because they thought that is what society expected of them. They then later realised that their happiness comes first. Today they have come out and are freely gay. They are happier and even supporting their children from their sad forced heterosexual lives. You will come out soon.

  3. Bane, let us be careful. Wagner is a Western agent setup to influence Zambian thinking towards homosexuality. We shouldn’t give up sleeping with our women. That gives us continuity in our existence. Homos will never guarantee our existence. White man has failed to satisfy his woman, so looking for a feeble man to satisfy his desires. We have all kinds of remedies to that. Wagner can subscribe to solve his predicament.

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