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Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali Faces Court Over Damaged House


The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali, has been dragged to court for his alleged involvement in the destruction of a newly built house situated on a disputed plot in Ndola’s Dola Hill area. The complainant, identified as George Kampamba, is embroiled in a legal battle with Mr. Tayali over the ownership of the plot in Ndola, Central Province.

Mr. Kampamba has accused Minister Tayali of orchestrating the demolition of his house on the evening of 28th July 2023. He claims that individuals acting on Mr. Tayali’s behalf were responsible for the destruction of his property.

Speaking to journalists during a visit to the damaged house, Ndola Mayor Jones Kalyati and Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri were petitioned by Mr. Kampamba, who expressed his grievances against the Minister of Transport. According to Mr. Kampamba, Minister Tayali has been bullying him and disregarding proper legal procedures in the dispute over the plot.

“Mr. Tayali should have followed the right procedure over the disputed plot instead of taking the law into his own hands,” said Mr. Kampamba, who also appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema to remove Mr. Tayali from his ministerial position so that he can face court proceedings as an ordinary citizen.

The complainant presented documentation to support his claim of ownership, including a survey diagram, site plan, offer letter from the Ministry of Lands, title deed, and building permit from the council. Mr. Kampamba emphasized that the damaging of his house was a distressing event, but he refrained from commenting further on the ongoing court case, expressing his hope that justice would prevail.

“This is thuggery behavior by the Honourable Minister. President Hichilema, look at the behavior of Mr. Tayali. This is uncalled for. Mr. Tayali is a bully here in Ndola, and it is as if he is untouchable,” added Mr. Kampamba.

As of now, Minister Frank Tayali has not issued any public statement regarding the allegations and the legal proceedings.

Demolished house under dispute


  1. In a nation with such high poverty levels, and where building even a small structure is such a big feat, there’s no sane person that would instigate the demolition of another’s property especially on account of land ownership dispute. There’s always an alternative. For some a decent house is a lifetime investment, except for those that are stealing public funds. They can afford such reckless behavior. Such displays don’t make you strong, you have actually a very weak mind. Let’s have empathy and treat one another decently

  2. It’s not an allegation, it’s a fact. The nicompoop called minister knows that the plot in question has got all the necessary paperwork and the court had previously ruled in favor of the occupant. Tayali gathered courage after becoming a minister. Nobody is above the law.

    • Such thuggery from a cabinet Minister! He is supposed to show leadership qualities not bullying tactics. Just goes to show we are being led into hell.

  3. Criminal offence of malicious damage to property. Ministers don’t have immunity. Report him to police.

  4. And to think, Tayali has been at the bar for about 25 years, we would expect better from him. A lawyer disregarding a court order?

    • Remember you can take a villager from the village but it will be difficult to to take the village out of him.

  5. While damaging property is illigal………

    We know how corrupt the councils are in issuing multiple titles deeds to different individuals…………..

    How do you resolve a case of multiple issurence of titles to different individuals ?

    • The council doesn’t issue title deeds. This is the function of the ministry of lands. The council can only issue letters of offer etc. I have followed this case for sometime. Perhaps ask yourself why neither council or state police were involved and why Tayali had to hire ruffians to demolish the house…. just ask yourself.

  6. The corruption of issuing multiple title deeds was industrialised by PF………

    Even the PF caders were issuing titles…………

  7. So much illegality under the PF.
    Houses built on school land, over railway tracks, encroachment on other peoples land etc
    Disaster was written all over

  8. Let them introduce gays rights so that we have the first gay leader who will change this country. Heterosexuals have failed since 1964

  9. @ Spaka
    Kikikikikiki in short you’ve conceded that its just a continuation when it comes to corruption and lawlessness…unless you tell me that Frank Tayali is PF and the thugs that went to demolish the house are PF cadres…i think corruption is a cancer in our society…impossible to eradicate…even here in the USA….the Justice system is so corrupt…they pick and choose who to arrest

  10. I wrote about this cancer (corruption) that is embedded in the Ndola City Council way back before even PF came into being. I was offered a residential plot in Mushili Bonano with all legal papers served. Two months down the line, I discovered that another man was given the same plot with all necessary documents in his possession. My anger was directed at the Council, not the other man. In the case at hand, Frank Tayali should not be forgiven for his insensitivity (Barbarism) conduct. The president should come in and discipline his man as the late Dr Kaunda would have done, had this happened during his time. Discipline in this case I mean either demoting him or have nothing to do him any more. I hate Politicians who are crass, heartless, uncaring and have no empathy towards poor people.

    • Auntie MacGyver, I do agree with you that HH needs to show leadership here. It cannot be the same lux attitude that Lungu had of ignoring scandals around his ministers.
      Additionally, you are right Auntie when you say that Tayali took this action because he is minister and was barbaric about it.
      I hope Mr Kampamba reports this case to the police too. And police must act.

  11. Just now Tayali will say those thugs were not sent by him and he doesn’t even know them. Meantime those thugs have long disappeared and even if you report the case to the police they will say we can’t find the people who did this. This is just a loss.

  12. Such thuggery from a cabinet Minister! He is supposed to show leadership qualities not bullying tactics. This just goes to show we are being led into hell.

  13. Let Kaiza Zulu come back and teach this capitalist a lesson. Puppets in Africa must learn a lesson from events in West Africa. Just like in West Africa. Crooks under the umbrella of tribal democracy are living in luxury. While millions of children are living in poverty. They travel all over the world begging and selling our National resources at cheapest prices without even building a single factory in our country to locally refine own resources to sell abroad so that our people could benefit. What a shame.

  14. This is wickedness and for a Minister to such a thing that explains why there’s so much theft and scandals under UPND….these guys are looting our resources in broad day light starting from the President himself….the rot starts from the head…how can we develop Zambia if we have such kind of destructive behavior

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