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Mutati praises ZICTA for supporting 200 young innovators to create jobs


Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati has praised the Zambia Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) for supporting about 200 young innovators who are coming up with technology based innovation.

 Mr Mutati said the young innovators’ applications will help to enhance operations in all sectors of the economy.

The minister said ZICTA has created an enabling environment for the innovators who have invented applications to improve service delivery in the country.

Speaking after he toured stands for young innovators at the 95th Zambia agriculture and commercial show in Lusaka show grounds, Mr Mutati said business has been made easier.

He explained that with the applications the young innovators are inventing, people are now able to order goods and services through courier services.

The Technology Minister stated that Zambia is making use of technology to create jobs for the people by merely using the invented applications to access funds.

“These young innovators are creating jobs for our people especially in the courier services, indeed technology has promoted and enhanced economic activities in communities,” he said.

And Mr Mutati has further called on members of the public to work together with ZICTA in exposing and reporting fraud that is being perpetrated by unscrupulous people.

He said for ZICTA to deliver to the expectations of the people, every citizen is expected to play a role in reporting scammers to ZICTA and law enforcement agencies for appropriate action to be taken against them.

Mr Mutati called on ZICTA to step up its efforts to stop hackers who are targeting strategic government institutions, as witnessed in recent weeks.

The minister urged ZICTA to be ahead in technology so that hackers cannot manage to penetrate and destabilize institutions technological set ups.


  1. ZICTA’s relationship with the Zambian public is at its lowest. It’s better not even waste time making a lengthy comment

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