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Two juveniles die in landslide while digging quarry stones


Two male juveniles have died after being buried alive whilst digging quarry stones in Kalumbila district of North-western province.

 North-western province Commissioner of Police Dennis Moola confirmed in a statement, that the incident occurred on August 5, 2023 between 07:00 hours and 19:30 hours.

“Sudden and unnatural death occurred on 5 August, 2023 between 07:00 hours and 19: 30 hours at Nkulumazhiba area, Chief Mukumbi, Kalumbila  District,” said Mr Moola.

Mr Moola said that the incident was reported by Joseph Kapemba, father of one of the deceased juveniles.

“Reported on at 19: 30 hours by male Joseph Kapemba aged 59 years of Nkulumazhiba area, village Kapemba, chief Mukumbi, District Kalumbila, that his son Kapemba Kapya Wilfred aged 16, also a grade eight pupil at Manyama Christian school and his friend Moffati Makaza aged 16 years, a grade seven pupil at Nkulumazhima Primary school died, after they were buried alive whilst digging Quarry stones,” he said.

He explained that a landslide or soft land collapsed on them while digging for quarry stones, adding that the accident scene was visited and bodies were inspected.

“The police, Fire brigade officers, the District commissioner and the relatives visited the scene. The fire officers retrieved the bodies of the deceased and the police conducted the physical inspection on the bodies of the deceased persons and the findings were as follows:Male juvenile, Kapya Wilfred Kapemba sustained protruding tongue, bleeding from the nose, bruises at the back, bruises on both legs. While, male juvenile, Moffati Makaza aged 16 years sustained suspected fractured ribs, bruises at the back, bruises on the right leg and broken head,” explained Mr Moola.

He said,   brief facts of the matter are that the deceased were left home by their parents when they went to Manyama market at around 07: 00 hours and during the course of the day, an unknown person gave the deceased the piece work of digging the Quarry stones, unfortunately, the land collapsed on them  and they died.

“The bodies of the deceased have since been deposited in Lumwana First level Hospital mortuary, waiting for possible postmortem and burial,” said Mr Moola.


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