Fashion Soaks in Saudi Move


Chipolopolo striker Fashion Sakala is delighted to join Saudi Arabian side Al-Fayha from Scottish giants Rangers.

The 26-year-old moved to Ibrox from KV Oostende in the summer of 2021 and scored 24 goals in 91 appearances.

“I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have joined AL-Fayha Football Club! I am excited to join this team,” Sakala posted on his facebook page.

“The opportunity to be part of AL-Fayha is an honor and a challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace. I am filled with optimism and determination as I look forward to contributing my passion, and dedication to the success of the team.”

“I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey. I am determined to make you proud in this new chapter of my career,” Sakala commented


  1. When you have no morals or stand for nothing, you will do anything for money even if it means playing in a country that doesn’t respect the human rights of lgbt. Not everything is about money. This move will finish your career. The wise players have refused to be associated with homophobic countries. We understand to you its the poverty speaking. You will do anything for money.

    • Boy shouldn’t take his naive Zambian wife with him, she be hanged.
      Just advise Fashion to stop those bible verses and kneeling after scoring, he is now in Islamic state.

    • Nostra the boy fashion has poor advisors who just look at the money on offer without considering the long term impact on him. Let her go there and try her Christian nonsense, she will be put in her place. The same Christianity they use to mistreat us gays will get them killed there.

  2. Wagner you have absolutely no idea how European football clubs operate. Players have limited leverage in as far as transfers are conducted. Do really think Harry Maguire was happy to leave Man United to join West Ham FC? Wait a few years after his retirement, that’s when you’ll get the full story. Fir now let’s support him with all we got. I got your back FS10

    • I have stopped wasting my time on this imbecilie @Wagner. You’re obsoletely right on the way things roll in the European clubs.

    • You cannot compare Ronaldo who is now at the end of his career and is a multi millionare. Ronaldo has nothing to lose and has reached the pinnacle of his career. Who is fashion in comparison? Be real bro

    • My! My! You have no brains. Do morals differ according to wealth?
      Iam countering your argument that Fashion is in SA because he has no morals. So according to you for Fash it is the poverty that is speaking. Ronaldo is in the same league Fashion is playing in. Why should you hunt for a moral reason for Fashion not to play in Saudi and not do so for Ronaldo? They have both gone to play football in SA. They have to be compared! Like it or not.

    • This is why you Zambians easily fail at everything you do. You want to run before you can walk. You are now hallucinating thinking you can put fashion in the same brackets with Ronaldo. You are a dreamer. Stick to your lane. Fashion is only known by Zambians who think they have achieved the world for playing in mere Scottish league. Hahahaha

    • Yeah just like you can’t compare a queen with a straight. Soccer Peep don’t waste your time with Queen’s with uncouth language. Store your energy for better causes

    • Correction:
      Yeah just like you can’t compare a queer with a straight. Soccer Peep don’t waste your time with Queers with uncouth language. Store your energy for better causes

  3. Zambians or rather East,Central and Southern Africans we are not as aggressive as West Africans….Zambians when they go to Europe they fell to tick or Join big European Clubs…but West Africans are all European big leagues…this Fashion is happy to play in Saudi Arabia at only 26…i thought thats the prefect age to fight for Chelsea or Man U starting lineup…Saudi Arabia is for retirement

    • Granted you have an argument Saudi has better money than the Scottish League. Even better than PSL or Laliga. Its only competitors are the Chinese. And this year they have attracted many players in their 20s

  4. You dont have to be aggressive to succeed. Kalusha Bwalya showed us that just with sublime skills you will be a shining star. So did Abedi Pele

    • Kalusha Bwalya was just lucky…he didn’t have too much skill as compared to Charles Musonda and Lucky Msiska….even Gibby Mbasela was way better than Kalusha….just that Kalusha was overrated

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