Zambian Tech Entrepreneur named one of the Top 30 women in tech to follow in 2023


A leading US based global business magazine, CIOLook has today named Zambian tech entrepreneur Sarah Luyele Njamu as one of the Top 30 women in tech to follow in 2023.

In rankings released today, the Ohio based publication described Ms. Njamu as a Tech Entrepreneur woman who is leading the conversation on the Future of Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Information Security in Africa.

And commenting on this development, Ms. Njamu said she feels honoured to be recognised for her efforts in telling the African story in the technology space.

“I feel absolutely honoured and it is such a great opportunity for me to be able to tell the African story in the technology space. AI and automation have the potential to significantly help Africa by tackling different socioeconomic issues, enhancing productivity and stimulating innovation,” Ms. Njamu said.

She added, “As a business that is participating in this industry and working actively to harness the power of AI and automation technologies to bring efficiencies to many companies and organisations across Africa, I feel really grateful and so happy that I can be recognised for the contribution I am making in this industry.”

Ms. Njamu is the Group CEO of Compu-Connect Education, a woman owned and run IT Consulting and People Development Company established 15yrs with operations in Zambia and South Africa.

The firm specialises in digital transformation solutions, IT services and skills development focusing on; E-learning with LMS Development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots, Cyber Security solutions, IT infrastructure management, Future skills and 4IR Leadership Training, Agile Project Management, Private-Public Partnership Training and Robotics with Coding for schools.

She is also a global conference speaker, Digital Transformation Specialist, Facilitator, Trainer, Deloitte Africa, and Women in Africa Business Mentor and Tech Starter Up Mentor.

Her career experience spans over 24 years, backed by an MBA and qualifications in Education.

Ms. Njamu’s has extensive experience in sales, customer care, user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), marketing, change management, project management, leadership training, Robotic Process Automation Implementation (RPAi), Artificial Intelligence implementation and Learning Management system (LMS) implementation with e-learning content development.

Her team have designed an inclusive Coding and Robotics solution that enables teachers to teach Coding and Robotics in any child’s mother tongue at foundation level in Africa.


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