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Chamber of Mines promotes First Aid for safety


By Derrick Silimina

The mining industry’s safety record has raised alarm bells, with 12 fatalities and 14 perilous accidents reported by the Ministry of Mines by June. Paul Kabuswe, the Mines and Minerals Development Minister, voiced deep concern over the surge in accidents compared to the previous year. He issued a stern call to stakeholders and mine operators, stressing the urgency of prioritizing worker safety and adhering unwaveringly to mine safety protocols.

Kabuswe highlighted the role of the mining sector, represented by the chamber, in setting an industry-wide example that instills confidence in safe mining practices.

Speaking at the 16th Intercompany Mining First-Aid Competition in Kalumbila District, Kabuswe commended participants for their remarkable first aid skills and stressed the intrinsic link between a secure workplace and healthier, more productive employees. He underscored the broader impacts, including contributions to sustainable development and a favorable industry reputation. He reiterated his message from the previous year, asserting, "Occupational health and safety is not negotiable! We all have a responsibility to guarantee the safety and health of our workforce.

FQM Trident Mining Limited was lauded for hosting the event, under the theme Learn First Aid You Never Know When You Need It. Chamber of Mines President Godwin Beene echoed Kabuswe’s concerns, emphasizing that non-affiliated mining operations were responsible for the majority of fatalities. Beene urged the Ministry of Mines to engage these companies with the Chamber of Mines, providing access to vital safety programs.

The 2023 Intercompany Mining First-Aid Competition showcased over 20 teams, with Lubambe Copper Mine Support Services securing the top position with an impressive 76.93%. KCM Geology followed closely in second place with 75.75%. Teams from Mopani Copper Mine and KCM Nchanga mine secured third and fourth places, respectively.

Chamber of Mines President Beene’s call for collaboration echoed, as he urged the integration of non-affiliated mining operations into safety initiatives. The competition celebrated the dedication of high-performing teams to safety and emergency response. Kabuswe’s message resonated throughout – ensuring safety is a collective responsibility that leads to a healthier workforce, increased productivity, and a more resilient industry.

[Story courtesy of Suma Systems]


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