Maiko Zulu Encourages Fred M’membe Amid Arrest Controversy”

ZAM President Maiko Zulu
ZAM President Maiko Zulu

Activist and musician Maiko Zulu has advised Socialist Party President Fred M’membe not to be afraid following his recent arrest and detention in police custody.

Police in Lusaka last week arrested and charged M’membe for the offence of Libel Contrary to Section 191 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia

Police further warned and cautioned Dr. M’membe on an alleged offence of Communication of certain Information contrary to Section 4 Subsection 3 of the State Security Act Chapter 111.

But Zulu said he expected Dr. M’membe and the Socialist Party to have a rough ride under the UPND regime.

“When Zambians changed government in 2021, there was relief following the handing back of Prime Television broadcasting license which was suspended by the government. This was done through a welcomed public pronouncement by the Head of State Mr Hakainde Hichilema.However, the olive branch extended to Prime TV fell short of reaching The Post Newspaper which was earlier closed under the Edgar Lungu rule,” Zulu said.

“It was clear from then that Dr Fred M’membe and the Socialist Party were going to have yet another rough ride under the new regime and that is why it’s not surprising today that M’membe seems to be perceived as an ‘enemy of the system’ who risks facing a lot of trials outside the Courts,” said the reggae music specialist.

Dr. M’membe’s arrest is in connection with some statements he publishes on his Facebook page.

“With intent to defame, did publish an article and circulated it on social media to say that fired cop dies of depression and further did allege that the deceased Mr, Moses Kabamba a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police who was a Divisional Criminal Investigations officer for North-Western Division, had risen Blood pressure and died after he heard that the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Operations, Mr, Milner Muyambango had refused to obey instructions given by the Solicitor General Marshal Muchende, to introduce back on the payroll, retired police officers as a way to have their matter settled out of court.

The suspect has been detained in custody and will appear in court soon,” read a police report issued by spokesperson Rae Hamoonga


  1. The many arrests of mainly opposition leaders that we’ve recently witnessed are in fact an indication that we have a very weak and insecure President. It’ll be worse as elections draw near

  2. Lets just develop Zambia not picking unnecessary fights….Because of Politics…we will never develop as a country…HH is a very bitter person and has a very bad personality…HH doesn’t have leadership qualities….Lungu is a Bandit but a much better leader than Bandit HH….

  3. Fred needs to tell us where he stands on homosexuality before we the lgbt community can decide whether to support him or not. If he is anti gay he will never rule zambia because things are changing.

  4. Infact myself if I was President I would jail all these Opposition the same day. To avoid the state wasting money on Investigations and all that nonsense. It’s clear to even you Maiko Zulu that these vultures stole money from Zambia as they were all on PF payroll using parastatals. Records are there. So jail them all at once pls so that gossipers have a better headline. As for Mmembe, there ll be no GRZ in Zambia that ll let this guy loose ever again, his sins and fake stories outweigh his goodness , the guy is mischievous, distructive & and a corman. Let him loos and the nation will devide.

  5. Maiko Zulu is afraid of talking whilst his mouth is full of food. He cannot be candid enough and speak against the injustices in the case of FM. Maiko Zulu, Pilato and Laura Miti were the most vocal activists against PF, but alas they have compromised.
    Fred Mmembe’s cases cannot stand in the courts and this is another case of fishing in the dry pond. Mwaloba ilyauma!!

    • Our politicians are like those workmates who report falsehoods against their colleagues to the employer….in this case the citizens are the employer and the workmates who report falsehoods is the the then opposition Upnd against their colleagues the then ruling PF. After the colleague is fired the reporter takes up the job but gets lost and fails badly.

  6. These are fake and job seeking activists…now that he is secretly eating with UPND he has become very quiet….fake rasta malabishi ya munthu

  7. HH is the worst president Zambia has ever had in history his legacy is all about lies, nothing comes from his mouth but all fiction.
    His history will will be the most shameful in this nations gallery, he is a stooge to west given away our minerals to foreigners for free, he doesn’t collect visa fees from the western world visitors.
    He has increased prices for all essentials commodities for citizens , poor Zambians can’t manage a decent meal, he has increased poverty in the country.
    The list of his failures is endless


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