Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tragic Elephant Attack Claims Life of Woman in Kazungula District, Adding to Rising Concerns


A somber cloud hangs over Machenje Village in Chief Mukuni’s jurisdiction, Kazungula District, following a devastating incident in which a 32-year-old woman lost her life to a lone elephant attack. The unfortunate event marks the second human fatality by elephant within a span of just one week. Earlier, a security guard in his 70s met a similar fate in Livingstone.

The victim of this recent tragedy, Threaza Simata, was accompanied by her husband and a family friend as they journeyed back from a funeral within the village, around 18:00 hours. The sudden encounter with the charging elephant left little room for escape. Oliver Sikiti, Threaza Simata’s husband, recounted the terrifying moment when they realized the peril they were facing. He suspects that his wife’s white attire may have drawn the elephant’s attention.

In an interview with ZNBC News, Oliver Sikiti expressed his heartache and shared that despite his efforts to intervene, he could not prevent the fatal outcome. While he sought help, the elephant’s swift and ruthless attack claimed Threaza Simata’s life.

The tragedy has left the local community in shock and fear, prompting Village Headman Kavai Mundila to call upon the Department of National Parks and Wildlife for assistance in addressing the escalating elephant-related incidents. The villagers of Machenje are grappling with the constant threat posed by frequent elephant visits that encroach upon residential areas.

Anthony Munzabwa, the Manager of Njovu African Wildlife Conservation, shed light on the challenging human-elephant conflict in the area. He explained that the encroachment occurs as elephants venture into residential zones in search of sustenance. Munzabwa assured ongoing efforts to sensitize communities near the Mosi-oa-tunya National Park, aimed at mitigating conflicts and enhancing coexistence.


  1. Its not elephants encroaching on our land but its the other way around… now they want to start Mining in the lower Zambezi and Elephants and other wild animals will be forced to relocate in search of food because Mining will destroy all their food and pollute the air they breathe so you should expect more human/wildlife conflict

  2. This issue of elephants killing people is now becoming a weekly event like the rampaging lake Kariba crocodiles which are killing girls and women drawing water in this lake weekly and are at the mercy of the reptiles with no word from any body. Life goes on as normal with those charged with responsibilities. People are still drawing dirty water since the dawn of time including what is so called independence

  3. Unfortunate, South Luangwa has smart innovation on controlling human wildlife conflict and exchange programs by landscapes in conservation should be encouraged. Nachilala Nkombo this is your area to foster collaboration and share game changing knowledge that will save lives

  4. The anus is an exit route for fecal matter.I wonder why people want to change the natural laws and make the anus an entry point.


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