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President Hichilema expected in Angola for SADC summit


President Hakainde Hichilema, is scheduled to travel to Luanda, Angola to attend the 43rd Ordinary Summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State and Government from 16th to 17th August, 2023.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo says the Summit, hosted by President of Angola, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, will be convened under the theme “Human and Financial Capital the Key Drivers for Sustainable Industrialization of the SADC Region”.

He said during the Summit, President Hichilema will assume the Chair of the SADC Organ for Politics, Défense and Security Cooperation, taking over from Namibian President Hage Gottfred Geingob.

 “It elevates Zambia’s international standing, positioning the nation as a force for positive change and a beacon of regional leadership. Furthermore, the pursuit of peace and security under President

Hichilema’s guidance will catalyze economic growth, enable social development, and reinforce the SADC region’s commitment to collaboration and cohesiveness”. He said

 Mr Kakubo said President Hichilema will also hold bilateral meetings with regional leaders on the margins of the Summit.

 He further said that Zambia’s assumption of the Chairmanship holds immense benefits for both the nation and the broader SADC community.

 He stressed that the SADC Summit is expected to review progress on the implementation of the SADC regional integration agenda as outlined in the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2020-2030, which seeks to promote a peaceful, inclusive, competitive, and middle-to-high income industrialized bloc.

“President Hichilema has continually championed Zambia’s commitment to fostering increased trade and investment with SADC Member States.” He said

Mr Kakubo said President Hichilema’s participation in the SADC Summit is poised to reaffirm Zambia’s historical prominence in the region, strengthening the collective welfare of the People of Zambia and the extended SADC family.

He said the President is expected to return to Lusaka immediately after his engagements.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.


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  1. the problem with SADC and AU their can’t help their neighbors…they are irrelevant only a platform for speeches we need new agreements that are of economic,security and political benefit to it’s members. we need to get rid of alliances that are not substantial

  2. These African leaders with their useless summits..just wasting resources….why can’t they do these useless summits virtually…..its like they enjoy wasting government resources and look at how many ministers at the Airport and all getting huge allowances just seeing off the demagogue Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema

  3. I can volunteer to rule Zambia for just 2 years for free…don’t pay me anything and i can fix alot of things….very small but extremely effective cabinet with no deputy secretaries(thats old fashioned) now all you need is a smart phone to work no paperwork….everything can be done electronically…meetings can be done virtually….but unfortunately we don’t want to develop so its better let them continue looting and stealing our minerals….so HH travels to meet Gold buyers and make personal deals….Jito Kayumba is the facilitator

  4. Let me put it this way, the whole UPND and its allies in opposition portrayed the PF as a very wasteful kleptomaniac regime. They promised to deal decisively with them. The only thing that held them back was that the PF was interfering with investigations. The other was that ECL was very wasteful in his travels abroad. It’s now 2yrs and we haven’t seen any convictions of serious crimes. Where has the evidence they claimed they had gone? We didn’t imagine that HH would make so many foreign trips within this period or even dare travel out at the height of a serious gold scandal without even a comment! It’s worse than what we saw under PF. It seems everything that his opponents said about him is turning out to be true

  5. Icine inkashi cishipula bufi bufi. If you benefit from your sister’s uncouth and lewd behavior, you’d pretend as if there’s nothing immoral about them. This Bemba adage seems to fit in very well here. We’ve just been told that the $400M Sausage Airport’s real cost in $150M, so the PF stole $250M from that project. Why is he quiet about the gold scandal, why has he been quiet about Alpha Commodities fertilizer scandal? Nipano tuli

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