Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nakadoli Market Gutted


Barely two weeks after Chisokone Market was gutted in Kitwe, Nakadoli market, another major market in Kitwe has been gutted.

Five shops from the timber processing section have been burnt.

And Kitwe City Council has disclosed that over one million Kwacha worth of goods have been gutted from the fire which started around 02:00 hours in the night.

In a press statement released in Kitwe, Council Public Relations officer Tamara Jacob said the Council fire brigade with the help of Copperbelt Energy Fire brigade managed to put off the fire around 06:00 hours in the morning.

“The Kitwe City Council Fire brigade today received reports of fire at Nakadoli Market around 03:46 hours, the fire truck rushed to the scene of the incident and with the help of Copperbelt Energy Corporation fire brigade managed to put off the fire around 06:00 hours, five shops have been gutted while timber, compressors and other machinery valued at over one million Kwacha have been damaged,” she said.

Ms. Jacob said the cause of the fire has not yet been established but she stated that investigations into the cause of the fire has been instituted.


  1. Those of you here who ignorantly claim that gay male sex is disgusting have never experienced a fishy r0tten smelling vaglna

  2. I can already heard Mr Matambo accusing the opposition. People need to be educated on fire prevention especially where traders sleep in their stalls

  3. This market fires nonsense must never be blamed on cadres or politics.The blame must be put squarely on the shoulders of market managers who have lamentably failed to effectively enforce their rules on health and safety in markets.Their habit of continuously appealing and sensitizing marketeers cannot work.Marketeers are are a homogenous population of individuals is different mental and pshycological states at any given day.The are not like soldiers who can all obey one command.The Ministry of Local Government must force councils to contract security firms to be specifically inspecting each market stall for health and safety compliance every six hours
    Poeple are needlessly losing hard earned livelihoods because of sheer incompetence

    • True. Visit a market in Chingola or Mufulira and you will see why those markets have never been affected by this fire nonsense

  4. Market fires brought to you courtesy of PF pro-poverty misgovernance which engineered a 10yr cycle of falling economic indicators.


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