Muchinga man killed in mob justice


Students at Muchinga College of Health Sciences in Nakonde District in Muchinga province have killed an unidentified man in an act of mob justice.

The mob justice killing happened on Wednesday after the unidentified man attempted to steal clothes that were hanging on a drying line at a boarding house for students.

Muchinga Police Commanding Officer Kaunda Mubanga has confirmed the incident  in Nakonde today.

He said the students were alerted when they heard noises at one of the boarding houses around 23:00hours and quickly mobilised themselves to apprehend the intruder.

Mr Mubanga stated that the intruder was beaten to death using various objects and the body was later abandoned along Nakonde-Mbala road.

“They chased him until they caught up with him. Upon apprehending him, they started beating him using several objects,” he said.

He disclosed that one of the students, Sunday Nyirenda aged 44, reported the matter to Nakonde Police Station the following morning.

Mr Mubanga said the officers that visited the scene found the deceased lying down with swollen head and lips and cuts on the legs.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited in the Nakonde District Hospital mortuary awaiting identification and postmortem while investigations are still underway as no arrests have been made.


  1. I urge Douglas Syakalima to ban boarding houses. Students should be accommodated in places where school authorities have control. Some boarding houses don’t meet the minimum standards. Many are mere brothels. It must become a precondition for any tertiary institution to have boarding facilities for students to qualify as a college or university

  2. This is so sad. It does not matter that he was caught red-handed, but the severity of the punishment does not match the crime. I sincerely hope all those who partook of this murder will reflect on this ‘mob injustice’. The response to the crime response was a thousand times worse than the crime of the murdered person. Where is the humanity in the so called christian nation?

  3. @wagner… there’s nothing evilish & so psychopath than being homosexual. I am pretty much sure those mob justice guys know what they do when they deal with homosexuals and one day they will also catch up with you. Definitely, when you walk around your instinct is just something else.

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