Fatal Road Accident Claims Four Lives on Mufulira-Sabina Road


Tragedy struck on Monday morning near Kansuswa Bridge on the Mufulira-Sabina Road when a horrific road accident involving three vehicles claimed the lives of at least four people, leaving two others seriously injured.

According to Copperbelt Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba the accident occurred at approximately 07:40 hours and involved three vehicles: a Volvo truck with trailer, a Mitsubishi Canter, and a Nissan Hiace Minibus.

The sequence of events leading to the tragedy began when the Volvo truck, driven by F. Banda Mellissa, aged 34, was headed from the south towards the northern direction on the Sabina-Mufulira road. Unfortunately, the driver appeared to have misjudged the clearance distance or the speed of the second motor vehicle, the Mitsubishi Canter, which it subsequently collided with. The impact caused the Volvo truck to lose control and collide with the third vehicle, a Nissan Hiace Minibus driven by Mathews Mwape, aged 32, from Mufulira’s Mulundu compound.

The accident resulted in the tragic loss of four lives, with Philemon Mwanza, Nkandu, Priscilla Bwanga, and an unidentified female passenger all succumbing to their injuries at the scene. Two additional passengers suffered serious injuries and were admitted to Kamuchanga Hospital. These included Peggy Musonda, aged between 20 and 25, who sustained multiple head injuries, and Edina Mwansa, aged 59, who also suffered head injuries.

Seven other passengers on the Nissan Hiace Minibus sustained minor injuries and were treated at Kamuchanga Hospital before being discharged.

The accident has raised concerns about road safety and the need for increased vigilance on the roads.


  1. I do not understand how regional managers of the Road Development Agency work. It seems to me that they do not even have simple equipment to carry out pot-hole mending work on highways in order to prevent accidents. From the tv news report, the accident happened as one of the vehicles braked suddenly in order not drive past a pot-hole at high speed. This led to the lorry hitting the vehicle in front leading it to collide with the mini bus. I do not like seeing fellow citizens losing loved ones like that.

  2. In Zambia wreckless driving is not a big deal…traffic officers just ask for bribes because the Police commissioner also wants his cut….when you mount a check point you cant go back to the office empty handed….you need to give your superiors their share….just like ZRA tax collectors….they collect tax for themselves and their bosses and the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema also wants his share

  3. That is why I don’t use public transport when I am in Zambia. I would rather walk. Those are death traps. Learn something from Europe. Here the bus systems are immaculate. I am visiting Switzerland at the moment and their trains and buses are exceptional.

    • Prof Clive Chirwa is not a fake academic. You can read about his published academic papers in engineering by conducting a simple Google search. Failure of his promised businesses to take off in Zambia does not take away his standing as a distinguished engineer and academic.

    • This guy just hates people from Mufulira. The other day I saw him call Kalusha Bwalya overrated yet he himself is a nonentity, a non achiever. Chirwa is a world renowned engineer. Kalu is a world renowned footballer

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