Government praised for distributing farming inputs early

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Michael Katambo has encouraged farmers to start collecting their farming inputs for early preparations of the farming season. Mr. Katambo said farmers in the Northern region where the forecast indicated that there will be good rainfall pattern will receive through direct input supply.

The Department of Agriculture in Zambezi district in North-western Province, is happy with government’s decision to deliver farming inputs on schedule nationwide before the start of the 2023/2024 farming season.

Speaking in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), Zambezi District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO), Anos Luvuwa, said government’s initiative to provide small-scale farmers with farm inputs for the 2023/2024 season early is not only commendable but also demonstrates its commitment to addressing food security.

Mr Luvuwa disclosed that Zambezi district, which has an allocation of 10,800 bags of D-compound and Urea fertilisers has already received 95 percent of the inputs for the 2023/2024 farming season

He also revealed that the early delivery of inputs has generated excitement among many farmers.

He noted that the decision to deliver farm inputs early before the farming season begins is a clear indication that food security is a top priority for the government.

The DACO further thanked government for the gesture, while noting that the early delivery of farm inputs will enable farmers to plan effectively and ensure timely receipt of inputs, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

Mr Luvuwa also emphasised that due to the unpredictable climate changes experienced by Zambia over the years, early distribution of inputs to farmers will not only provide them with sufficient time to plan for the farming season and avoid poor yields, but also allow for proper crop management.

“It is evident that the government can support farmers by ensuring timely delivery of farming inputs. Given our lack of control over rainfall patterns, having farming inputs early before the season begins will assist our farmers in effective planning and better crop management,” he explained.

Mr Luvuwa also disclosed that over 3,600 farmers are set to benefit from this year Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

However, Mr Luvuwa has urged farmers to commence field preparations in order to avoid late planting.

He said late planting will negate the purpose of early distribution of farming inputs and result in negative yields.

He also implored farmers to use the inputs for their intended purpose and refrain from selling or sharing them.

Mr Luvuwa said such actions do not only divert the inputs but also undermine the overall objectives of the programme.

“I appeal to our farmers to utilise the inputs for their intended purpose. The temptation to sell the inputs for immediate personal needs, at the expense of our national food security must be avoided at all costs,” added Mr Luvuwa.


  1. Praised by who….how do you praise yourself…Lusaka Times be factual….what do you expect from a member of UPND…who is eating with the government…..misleading headlines….WE ALL KNOW UPND IS A FAILED PROJECT

  2. They should have interviewed a farmer/independent person. One, we haven’t seen the deliveries yet. Two there’s a confusion over which co-op one must belong to for one to be able to get their allocation.

  3. My uncle has finally been given a job at ministry of agriculture. Things are moving forward. I am glad he has been given a job because he sacrificed his life and resources for the change we got. He is very competent and deserving of the position and will do great things there.twalumba

  4. i have got mine. where are they distributing? I am in Kapandwe area 17miles from Kabwe. 9 kilometers for the school signpost. Please i need seed and fertilizer.

  5. How do you praise someone for doing his job which feeds him, this is stupid you can’t praise a government to be a government those are wrong praises.


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