Thursday, June 13, 2024

Limulunga fire victims receive relief


Fire victims in Limulunga District of Western Province have received building materials to construct their houses which were destroyed by incidents of infernos.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Luena Member of Parliament, Mubita Anakoka said the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) disaster and contingency component has enabled five households to receive relief after they applied for assistance.

Limulunga Town Council procured 150 poles, 50 planks and 70 roofing sheets to help the fire victims stand on their feet as they start constructions.

Beneficiaries are from Mabili, Limulunga east and Limulunga west wards with each beneficiary getting 14 iron sheets, 30 poles and 10 planks.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anakoka has appealed to members of the community to create sufficient firebreaks around their homes to minimize fire disasters.

“Most of these fires occur when people prepare their fields around this time of the year as they light up. They should minimize carelessness when they light up fires,” he said.

Mr Anakoka thanked the government for providing the disaster components under the CDF as it has enabled the council to respond to the challenges people encounter.

He said that it was not possible for the CDF disaster component to cover everybody thus they access the extent of vulnerability of the fire victims and encouraged those who are able to seek help through other means to do so.

District Administrative Officer, Fine Chibilika urged beneficiaries to be good stewards of the building materials.

“We need to take care of the things we have. We try to clean our surroundings so that fire does not destroy our properties,” he said.

 Meanwhile, a beneficiary, Saviour Kakoma from Limulunga thanked the government for the assistance, stating that she did not expect this relief.

“I am thankful to government for helping me. My house and properties were destroyed by the fire.  I was left with problems.

“I appealed for help and government has come to my aid, may God bless you. I have received assistance with 14 iron sheets, 30 poles and 10 planks,” Mr Kakoma said.

Also in attendance was Limulunga East Councilor, Lubinda Muyunda who thanked the government on behalf of the beneficiaries, stating fire disasters were harsh and left people helpless.

“Government has responded under disaster and contingency funds. We urge our people to understand the nature of fire outbreaks.

“They should be doing their homework too by creating fire breaks to avoid these disasters,” Mr Muyunda said.


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