President Hichilema invited for Saudi -African Summit


Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman has invited President Hakahinde Hichilema to the Saudi-African summit slated for November this year.

The  Saudi Royal Court Adviser, delivered the invitation message when he called on President Hichilema at State House.

Mr Kattan said the summit which will run from 10th to 11th November,2023, is expected to see about 50 world leaders in attendance.

Mr Kattan also delivered greetings from King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and the Crown Prince.

And President Hichilema called for quick implementation of bilateral agreements between Zambia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

President Hichilema also requested   for deepening cooperation between the two countries.

He further called for the speedy completion of the multi million specialist hospital for women and children in Lusaka.

The Head of State noted that the completion of the project will positively impact Zambia’s health sector.

President Hichilema also wants Zambia to explore areas of cooperation that include mechanical agriculture, green energy and petroleum production.


  1. We need to engage and work with the Saudis. Let us emulate their work ethics and some of the positive parts of their religion and culture. We have a terrible drinking culture in zambia which affects our productivity. Go well mr president

    • I hope they conduct mass funerals at the summit, for the African immigrants killed in atleast last few months.

    • What culture and religion? Violence, intolerance, bigotry is what Saudi religion is all about. Saudi is bloody monster.

    • If the Saudi Arabia-Africa summit takes place, it will be the ideal setting for raising the enslavement of Africans working in domestic service in the Middle East. Harrowing reports of violence, rape and work without rest have been well-documented by international news channels. Saudi Arabia is not Africa’s friend despite the pretensions of the Saudi state.

  2. The word is out on the streets that the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is busy smuggling Gold….WE HAVE A BIG BANDIT AS A PRESIDENT

  3. Capitalist and a puppet of the West by the time it’s 2026 all minerals will be finished by criminals hiding in the name of investors. Cry for my beloved Zambia. Jehovah God have mercy

  4. HH, please do not be convinced by these slave owning Saudis to send young Zambians to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a bad record of enslaving young Africans. Do not even try to engage in any negotiations that involve sending young Zambians to work as “maids” in Saudi Arabia. If you do, you’ll held accountable for modern day slave trading and the blood of young Zambians that’ll be killed there will be on your hands.

  5. @ The Patriot
    Tell that to Tarino Orange…they don’t know that Saudis are worse than the West….worst enslavers…corruption etc….Saudis and Israelis are the worst when it comes to crime and they just think about themselves….

    • That is exactly what a lazy african like you would say. We are still suffering from a poor work ethic brought about by pf and its corruption. It will take years to change the perception of you f00ls

    • @Tarino orange, I respectfully assume that you know nothing about what happens to young Africans in the Arab countries, especially in Saudi Arabia. Please go to YouTube and do some research. Type in “maids mistreatment in Saudi Arabia.” Enlighten yourself. Remember I restrained myself from insulting you. I extend an olive branch. But if you keep defending Saudi Arabia, I’ll have no choice but to call you the biggest fool in Africa.

  6. Saudi Arabia has joined forces with BRICS and others like Iran and the tiger economies to shun the Dollar as their reserve currency. These Africa summits being hosted outside of Africa are a new scramble for Africa. We’ll how the puppeteers will respond when they see their puppet at such meetings.

  7. Typical African mindset blogs
    Nothing more and nothing less
    How can we possibly expect prosperity for all with such supposidily literate people blogging such

  8. Saudis know what they want. They don’t flip-flop like we do. Even promoters of LGBTQ know that if they’re caught in Saudi Arabia then they get beheaded within hours irrespective of where they come from. Whether you’re from Russia or US they’ll treat you the same.

  9. A so called “poor country” zambia and we have people walking around with US$ 5 million cash…….so in short we can even give Kaloba to IMF….but where is all our wealth going??? 60 years after independence and we still depend on the Chinese to come and build our roads…..all our infrastructure…don’t we have our own Zambian construction companies capable of doing such projects….????…what happened to Apollo construction….Minestone…JJ Lowe…Poseidon…Nemerit Enterprise …..Spencon Polyphase…..Velos Construction….Phillip Turner…Drake and Gorham …….are you telling me non of these companies can do our roads

  10. @ Tarino Orange
    You are on Lusaka Times insulting people whilst the people you’re busy defending are amassing wealth like no mans business…they’re buying properties all over the world….ALL UPND MINISTERS AND CADRES AND THE SUPREME LEADER AYATOLLAH HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is making sure that all his Ministers become the richest Ministers in Africa

    • I have had a successful life and now no longer need anyone or any company to survive. I can die tomorrow peacefully knowing that my family are sorted. If you suspect anyone of stealing including hh then why not submit your evidence to authorities? You heard hh saying that the other day.

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