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Government Asserts President Hichilema’s Non-involvement in Criminal Activities


The UPND government has unequivocally stated that President Hakainde Hichilema bears no responsibility for the criminal actions of any individual, whether they are politicians or ordinary citizens. Chief Government Spokesperson and Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda emphasized that individuals engaged in criminal activities are solely accountable for their actions, and the law enforcement agencies will address such cases accordingly.

In a statement Ms. Kasanda underscored the government’s commitment to upholding citizens’ freedom of expression while reiterating that those who violate the law will face legal consequences. The government’s stance is firmly rooted in the principle of applying the law uniformly, firmly, and fairly, irrespective of one’s race, gender, political affiliation, tribe, or any other considerations.

Ms. Kasanda expressed the government’s deep concern over a growing trend in which individuals involved in criminal activities attempt to deflect accountability by implicating President Hichilema in their legal predicaments. She categorically stated that such attempts are designed to garner public sympathy and underscored that President Hichilema is not liable for any individual’s criminal actions.

The government’s message is clear: those who engage in criminal conduct and establish political parties to facilitate illegal activities will not be shielded from the legal repercussions of their actions. Ms. Kasanda emphasized that the law enforcement agencies would operate diligently and impartially to uphold the rule of law.

Furthermore, the government called upon politicians and their supporters to abandon the misguided notion that continuous violations of the law are a pathway to aspiring to the position of the Republican President. The government stressed that the law does not discriminate based on political aspirations and will be enforced rigorously.

The government appealed to all Zambians to condemn criminality and refrain from glorifying suspected criminals without considering the broader impact of their alleged crimes on society. The government encouraged citizens to empathize with the victims of criminal actions before passing judgment on law enforcement agencies.


  1. Any real democrat will tell you that democratic governments never have a ministry of Media. To do what? Control the media? There is no such ministry in democratic USA, in South Africa, in Mauritius, in the UK, in France etc.
    A government controlling the media is at cross purposes with tenets of our style of democracy. In a democracy, Media is supposed to be free for it to check corruption amongst the rulers. Ask yourselves what does this ministry do?
    What it does is to receive salaries and allowances from our tax for doing nothing-for posing for pictures. For a Minister who is always absent. For Thabo Kawana who has no job description
    It pretends to run ZANIS and DeadNBC. But DeadNBC is run from State House so why have a go-between “ministry” To create ATMs for party cadres?

    • The president will not protect who? Who is using the presidents name?. Is there anyone in UPND who is using HH as a shadow boxer? Because if these people you are referring to where PF or just private citizens, you would have disclosed their names through DEC or The Police Inspector General to show the world that you fighting corruption. So, what’s cooking?

    • Uhuru now, I don’t think you have done your research properly. Your statement is just a sweeping statement that has no back data. Just to point issue with your statement, you mentioned democratic government, however you have not cited an example of a democratic government ? You have mentioned UK for example they have a Department for Culture, Media and Sport – GOV.UK. Other countries have similar departments though they don’t called ministry of Media. Please revisit your research before you mislead people

  2. I haven’t heard of anyone accusing the president of involvement in crime. It’s the happenings that are worrying people.

    • Chishimba Kambwili is one of them

      It seems that some people don’t understand the work of the president despite of being referred as Drs .. Even during Lungu’s tenure, number plates beared his NAME. Dumping the his name into the mud.

  3. The dumbest minister in history. This one is an anomaly in the new dawn government of competent ministers

    • Its not her job to defend the President. He has State House press team to “Assert President Hichilema’s Non-involvement in Criminal Activities”

  4. And when Lungu was President and his Ministers were stealing you blamed Lungu so what has changed now…in short you just admitted that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is surrounded by thieves including yourself Chushi Kasanda…and can you tell us what happened to the US$50 million Fertilizer scandal

  5. We expected a zero tolerance on corruption in the UPND government but it looks like there are so many bumps and far from what they promised.I for one i demand the President declares his wealth and then we will take him serious on his fight on corruption.At the moment he is a puppet President representing the imperialist.

    • The Gold saga has got so many twists and turns.
      Why did he hastily call a press conference when the case was yet to be determined and concluded.

  6. Government Asserts President Hichilema’s Non-involvement in Criminal Activities

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