Ministry of Agriculture Reverses Maize and Mealie Movement Restrictions


In a policy shift, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced the withdrawal of restrictions on the movement of maize and mealie meal between districts. This decision marks a change in course, reflecting the government’s commitment to prioritize access to these essential food staples for the Zambian population.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Green Mbozi, made this announcement during a phone interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka. Mr. Mbozi stated that the government aims to engage with various stakeholders through consultations to determine the most effective measures to ensure that maize and mealie meal remain accessible to the citizens.

The initial restrictions were put in place with the primary objective of managing the excessive movement of maize and mealie meal to neighboring countries. The government’s concern was to protect the country’s strategic reserves and guarantee sufficient stocks for domestic consumption, particularly in the face of potential food security challenges.

Mr. Mbozi emphasized that the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) would continue its efforts to procure an adequate quantity of maize stocks to bolster the nation’s strategic reserves. This commitment aims to safeguard against potential shortages and ensure food security for the Zambian population.

Furthermore, Mr. Mbozi issued a stern message to all stakeholders, urging them to refrain from disseminating confidential letters on social media platforms. He advised that individuals seeking clarification on any matter should instead engage directly with his office or the relevant authorities. This appeal underscores the importance of maintaining effective communication channels and preserving the confidentiality of official documents.


  1. Kikikikikiki @ Spaka and TIKKI Can you please hurry up and help the supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema…it seems like he has completely lost direction

  2. Finally reality is slowly dawning on the New Dawn. A few days ago they accused peasant farmers of illegally selling maize to Malawians and Tanzanians. The truth is that there’s no maize. While they’re granting themselves and their cohorts export permits they don’t want others to also benefit. They told us that there’s a bumper harvest, if that were true then why are they writing secret letters to millers? They’ve failed and their lies are catching up with them

  3. @ Daja Vu
    Not “comfusion” but ” failure”…..UPND IS A FAILED PROJECT….even die praise singers Lumbani Madoda Spaka and TIKKI are now shaking their heads in disbelief….they’re now calling for “reshuffle reshuffle reshuffle “…but am saying the entire UPND Government has to go come 2026

    • I have actually ruled myself from FISP this year. So I have been buying a bag whenever I have money. Nobody knows the criteria to be used.

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