Advocacy for Zambian only businesses underway


The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Zambia has embarked on a campaign to advocate for some businesses to be exclusively reserved for Zambian citizens only.

In his launching message, association board chairperson – Daimone Siulapwa believes the Government should start reserving some business for Zambian citizens only to avoid foreigners from dominating the local economy.

Mr. Siulapwa declared that foreign players are currently suppressing local development and opportunities for citizens as they dominate Zambia’s economy.

He charged that unfair competition, poor government policies, and lax immigration policies have allowed foreigners to control key sectors of the local economy.

“For clarity purposes, please note that “citizens” in this context means all Zambians who hold citizenship and a green NRC, irrespective of their place of origin, tribe, color or creed. We would also like to state that we acknowledge that foreign investments and players are necessary for a country’s development. However, if citizens are not involved or do not benefit, then the foreign investment is irrelevant. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that only beneficial foreign investments are allowed, while avoiding unfair competition that harms the citizens,” Mr. Siulapwa said.

“The progress and advancement of Zambia as a nation will remain stagnant until its people take charge of their economy and actively drive it forward. Reserving certain businesses exclusively for citizens is necessary for the economic development of the country and the creation of job opportunities. By doing so, a nation can ensure its economy grows while providing its citizens with decent livelihoods. This is particularly crucial for developing countries like Zambia, where economic opportunities, including employment, are already limited. Reserving some businesses for citizens also safeguards the country’s interests, preventing domination by foreign companies and preserving industry control domestically,” he stated.

Mr. Siulapwa said time is ripe for Zambian citizens to take control and drive their own economy.

“We are now encouraging all concerned citizens, including all businesses and associations that have been affected in their industry by any unfair foreigner players to join hands with our movement that has already garnered one hundred and seventy eight thousand plus members (178,000). The time has now come for Zambian citizens to take control and drive their own economy,” he concluded.


  1. Africans are disunited by their very nature. I doubt this will gain traction. Watching keenly from the sidelines

  2. Lazy Lazy Lazy zambian locals why can’t u compete with others . wen u start puting barriers like that then how do u attract investors surely..

  3. These Politicians…they encourage people to work hard whilst themselves are busy stealing…..NO WONDER AFRICA WILL NEVER DEVELOP…and now its adding up as to why the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema refused to move into State House…this guy is busy doing his illegal business using Government resources at his house and it has spilled over to State House

  4. Even Cabbages are imported from SA .. Mineral mined by Chinese and profits externalised to their home countries .. Developing developing for years.. WHEN DEVELOPED?

    • It’s indeed a shame that 58 years after independence, we’re nowhere near being a developed country. Foreigners just take our natural resources for free. So many empty copper holes all across Zambia, with nothing to show for it. Zambia will remain in perpetual poverty because of mediocre leadership.

  5. This is not true and should not be entertained otherwise it will suffocate intra Africa and global business. We should help local businesses to up their game and service provision not blocking businesses. This is retrogressive and Afrikaconnector opposes this move

  6. UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has explained how a Fitch/Moody’s downgrade affect mellie meal prices in Zambia.
    Just stumbled on this stuff…. now he’s in power can he tell us why mealie meal prices are skyrocketing?

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