Thursday, June 20, 2024

Minister Charles Milupi Inspects Progress on Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway


The Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Minister, Charles Milupi, conducted a comprehensive inspection of ongoing works on the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway, reiterating the government’s commitment to delivering high-quality projects within budget and on schedule.

Minister Milupi underscored the government’s dedication to three fundamental principles: ensuring the delivery of top-notch infrastructure projects, managing costs efficiently, and adhering to strict project timelines. During his visit to the construction site, he stressed the importance of upholding these principles to guarantee the successful completion of the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway.

Furthermore, Minister Milupi issued a directive to the contractor overseeing the project, emphasizing the inclusion of local contractors in the execution of this vital infrastructure initiative. By involving local contractors, the government aims to boost economic opportunities within the region while fostering the growth of local expertise in construction.

The rehabilitation of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway has been a long-awaited and much-anticipated development for the region, and its significance was underscored by Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Kasongo. Kasongo expressed his relief that the project was finally underway, emphasizing that it was long overdue.

In his remarks, Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri lauded the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway project as a tangible demonstration of the government’s commitment to delivering on its promises to the residents of the Copperbelt. The commencement of this project serves as a testament to the government’s dedication to improving infrastructure and connectivity in the region.

The Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway project is expected to significantly enhance transportation links, reduce travel times, and bolster economic activities between the two major cities. It reflects the government’s ongoing efforts to invest in critical infrastructure projects that will stimulate economic growth and improve the overall quality of life for Zambians.


  1. I have been waiting for a confirmation of the breakdown of the cost of the Chingola – Kasumbalesa road rehabilitation. This is a stretch of about 40km that we’ve been told will cost US$533M! That’s a whooping US$13.325M per kilometer. In opposition the UPND told us that no road costs 2M dollars per km and that’s how they shot down the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way. We’ve been told that the current road has been narrowed from 11 metres wide to 9 and several other infrastructure have been removed or adjusted. In essence the cost hasn’t been reduced because we’ll end up with a narrow road. So can you give us the details of the Chingola – Kasumbalesa road costs?


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