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Senanga residents flock to get medical services from ZFDS


A medical doctor at Senanga General Hospital has thanked the government for sending the Zambia Flying Doctor Service (ZFDS) to conduct surgical operations on the people who have no access to such services.

ZANIS reports that Dr John Phiri said the visit by the ZFDS to Senanga district in Western province shows that the government is working.

Dr Phiri said the community of Senanga has been lacking medical surgeries because there are no specialist doctors at the hospital.

“With the coming of the ZFDS team here to us, we take this as a blessing. It shows that the government has come to our aid to treat the people of Senanga,” he said.

Dr Phiri further said the government should consider having such programmes regularly so that quality health care can continue to be provided to the people in Senanga district.

He disclosed that a lot of surgeries have been conducted on people who had no opportunity to access such services.

The medical doctor also noted that the response from the Senanga community from the time they were informed about the coming of ZFDS has been overwhelming.

And Dr Phiri said the hospital has received a lot of cases of hernia, fibroid, fractures, and cervical cancers among the people in Senanga.

He noted that the categories of women that have fibroids are the ones who have never given birth before.

“These are people who are infertile, those that have never given birth before they grow up to the age of 35 or 45 are the ones that have been coming to hospital with conditions of fibroids,” Dr Phiri said.

He noted that cervical cancer is common among women who engage early in sexual activities, suffering from sexually transmitted infections, and HIV/AIDs.

However, an obstetrician from the ZFDS team , Mutale Musonda, has said fibroids can run in a family if the mother, sister, or grandmother had a history of the condition.

 Dr Musonda said hormonal imbalance can cause the uterine lining to regenerate during each menstrual cycle and stimulate the growth of fibroids.

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