Sunday, June 16, 2024

I ain’t got no time for rumours and gossip. God’s been good to me- Steve Harvey


American television host, producer, and actor Steve Harvey, along with his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey, have responded to recent unconfirmed reports suggesting that they are headed for divorce. The power couple took to social media and public appearances to address the rumors with a mix of grace and resilience.

In an Instagram post, Marjorie Harvey shared her perspective on the matter. She began by acknowledging that as a couple, they typically do not address rumors and falsehoods that circulate about them. However, she recognized the responsibility that comes with their platform, expressing a desire to offer support to those who may not have their strength.

Marjorie shared a poignant Bible verse, “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.” This verse seemed to capture the essence of their response to the rumors.

She went on to encourage her followers to read an article she found useful, titled “How to handle being lied about.”

Steve Harvey, in his trademark candid style, also addressed the speculations at the Invest Fest Market Place 2023 event. He firmly dismissed the rumors as hearsay and emphasized that he and Marjorie were doing well.

“Just let me say, I’m fine. Marjorie’s fine…I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do because we fine. Lord have mercy. I ain’t got no time for rumours and gossip. God’s been good to me, I’m still shining,” he said.

Leading up to this response, Steve Harvey had been sharing glimpses of his and Marjorie’s life together on social media. These included videos of them enjoying quality time and interviews recounting how they met. He also highlighted Marjorie’s fashion sense, subtly pushing back against the divorce rumors by showcasing their strong relationship.

The divorce rumors, which had spread rapidly over the weekend, were swiftly dismissed by numerous personalities who know the couple well. This united front of resilience and unwavering commitment to each other demonstrates Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s strength as a couple in the face of unfounded gossip.


  1. We have more pressing issues to deal with as a country than stressing over the dysfunctional relationship of two Americans. They will never accept that their marriage is in trouble because that is their brand. They will kill each other

    • Why spend State house time on stories like that?
      We have a country to run, and cleaning up Nevers Mumba’s trashing of Zimbabwe.
      Let’s be serious.

  2. It reminded me of Chiluba and McTribouy, while FTJ Muwelewele ale zizilika around, McTribouy scored a couple of clean consensual goals in the wide Vera legged goal posts! Apuu, Chiluba was left asunder, crying monga kamwana chimukulu choonse sure!

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