Tuesday, June 25, 2024

LAZ speaks criticizes government for abusing Public Order Act


The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has spoken against the abuse of the Public Order Act.

LAZ President Lungisani Zulu has issued a media statement criticizing the Government for not upholding citizens’ constitutional rights of association, assembly, and expression.

He condemned Police refusal for the opposition PF from holding a rally in using security concerns as an excuse, which led to questions about the Act’s consistent application.

“As a growing democracy, we must collectively seek ways to advance the life blood of a democracy being the free exercise of the citizens’ rights of association, assembly and expression actually entrenched in the Bill of Rights in the Supreme law of the land, the Constitution. In a democratic society anchored on rule of law, ours is, every person must be treated fairly and in accordance with the law,” Mr. Zulu said.

He also highlighted the reported prolonged detention of suspects without trial.

“Suspects, regardless of their nationality, must not be detained for investigations, and in any event not beyond the prescribed 24 hours before being brought before court. These are principles based on the fundamental human right to secure protection of the law provided for in Article 18 of the Constitution,” said Mr. Zulu


  1. According to the Attorney General the police can detain anyone indefinitely while they carry out their investigations. I expect a specific comment to address this. We don’t expect any improvement on that because the UPND are practicing stone age politics and ancient tactics. By not allowing the PF to go ahead with their rally, they’ve just created anxiety and curiosity in people. Next time the PF hold such a meeting it’s likely that it’ll be well attended and thanks to the UPND dimwits

  2. Scared little liars should be reminded that there were more powerful people in government before them such as the seemingly unconquerable KK my father. He was brought down to realize that he was just a mere mortal. These liars were voted on the platform of real change, real fresh air. Haimbe spends time on spinning lies instead of reforming our laws for the betterment of our democracy. Archaic Dawn

  3. You are so right !! since KK days this has been going on with every GRZ
    now suddenly the losers are crying foul
    In a way they are RIGHT, however passing the blame to HH directly and assuming he is instructing the Police to stop these rallies is WRONG ‘
    We all stand together when it comes to condeming the police 100%
    Who knows what lies they are relaying to the top much like the MP’S
    Lets concentrate on the useless corrupt Police force that is around us
    and talk with one voice

    • Suddenly the losers are crying foul??? What suddenly? The opposition has always cried foul because they are always fouled.

  4. Constructive criticism is appreciated and trust President Hakainde Hichilema and the new dawn government will listen and make necessary changes. Such is leadership and growth in life. You cannot always be right and assume that take those offering constructive criticism as enemies. God bless Zambia

  5. Knowing the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema’s temperament…this man is marked for death….The Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema wants the whole country to be his praise singers…..HH sent Criminal Nevers Mumba to incite violence in Zimbabwe….thank God Zimbabweans are not fools……Chamisa is a fake under 5 Politician who is sponsored by the imperialist

  6. Power corrupts and we are seeing right before our eyes. HH fought for Constitutional rights when he was powerless. After assuming power those rights have become constitutional wrongs. What he fought against when he was powerless namely; public order act, suppression of freedom of speech, constitutional right to assembly he is now denying the opposition because he has power. Can you all Zambians see the biased advantages of uubomba mwibala? HH has, in our eyes, transformed into ECL!

  7. Finally LAZ which had suddenly lost its voice is now speaking up. They need to go further and as an association challenge some of these decisions in concourt.

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