Monday, June 17, 2024

Concerns raised over rubble being dumped in drainage during construction on Mosi O Tunya Road


Local Resident Calls for Authorities to Investigate the Situation

Concerns have been raised by a vigilant local resident regarding the blockage of drainage along Mosi O Tunya Road, specifically the area between Lewanika Mall and Tokyo Way (Ring Road). The resident has expressed unease about rubble being placed in the drainage channel, potentially hindering the natural flow of water.

According to the concerned individual, construction activity is taking place in the vicinity, possibly for the development of a filling station. However, they noted that no official notice or signage, as required by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), has been displayed to inform the public about the ongoing project.

The resident has called on the Lusaka City Council (LCC) and relevant authorities to investigate the situation promptly. They stressed the importance of addressing the issue before it escalates and potentially leads to drainage problems in the area.

Preserving effective drainage systems is crucial for managing stormwater, preventing flooding, and maintaining the overall environmental well-being of the city. The concerned resident’s call for action underscores the importance of adhering to regulations and ensuring transparency in construction projects that may impact public infrastructure.

Efforts are expected to be made by local authorities to assess the situation and take appropriate measures to address the concerns raised by the vigilant resident, ultimately safeguarding the drainage system and the surrounding environment.


  1. This concerned citizens should not even hide his identity. He is the kind of citizen Zambia needs. He certainly is a responsible citizen and governance should be positively responding to his observations. Gary Nkombo should find him and place him in his office

  2. Anyone with common sense would ask why we think putting a ditch by the side of a road passes off as drainage? We have students learning engineering and architecture and yet no one questions this?. Please can someone educate me? At least cover the thing.

    • Perhaps thats why even the journalists can properly describe this ditch? They are expecting something else but they photographed something else. The caption reads: Bricks dumped in a drainage pipe. I cant see any drainage pipe there.

  3. Those so called drainage pipes are streams which is a source of stagnant water blockage (bleeding place for cholera

    No, there is no qualified engineers to understand how drainage pipes should be built.
    Drainage should be underground NOT open streams like that one and seen in many townships

  4. You were quick to act on the poor woman selling kachasu act on these people…where is our mayor only seen when campaigning or attending the commissioning of a borehole..soon that passway will breed mosquitoes and all sorts then it will be filth…anyway to mark four years of the chipani we shall conduct a clean up exercise

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