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President Hichilema visits Matero After Care Center


President Hakainde Hichilema says the government is committed to addressing the challenges faced by Zambians including the vulnerable people.

Mr Hichilema said the government is keen to solve problems saying it will do everything possible to ensure that the challenges are addressed including the escalating prices of mealie meal.

President Hichilema said the government is committed to ensuring that the livelihood of the people is improved but that he will not allow unscrupulous people to disturb the government’s agenda.

The head of state said this today when he visited Matero after Care Center in Lusaka where he donated some food and cleaning materials.

The head of state said the job of government is to take care of its people and he will ensure that the election promises he made are delivered.

Mr Hichilema commended management at the Matero After Care center for doing a good job by complementing the government’s efforts of taking care of the vulnerable people.

He said the task that the center took was not easy and assured that the government will support the centre to address the challenges it faces.

Mr Hichilema also assured the people of Zambia that his job now is to ensure that prices of mealie are brought down.

He said the price of the commodity is high and he will ensure that this too is addressed in its quickest possible way.

Mr Hichilema said previously there was a challenge of load shedding but it was dealt with adding that the mealie meal challenge will also be addressed.

“ I know the challenges that the people of Zambia are faced with, including the challenges faced by the vulnerable people. But I am assuring you that this will be addressed in its quickest possible time.  I also know the big challenge of mealie meal prices that have gone up. We had load shedding problems we dealt with and this mealie prices too will be dealt too. We are here to serve the problems of the people and it will be done I promise you,” said the Head of State .

And Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata said the government will continue looking after the vulnerable people in the country regardless of their status.

Ms Mulyata said all the challenges that vulnerable people are faced with such as infrastructure, water and transportation among others will be dealt with.

Meanwhile, Matero After Care Operations Committee Chairperson Hellen Samatebele said the center is faced with a number of challenges such as infrastructure and transport.

Ms Samatebele said the center houses a number of people that have been rejected by their families, and those that have served prison sentences and the sick that have lost memory.

She said with all these categories of people, infrastructure and transport is a big challenge adding that more help is needed.

Ms Samatebele who thanked the president for visiting the facility said his visit will be an eye opener so that more organizations can come on board and help in any way they can.

And Patriotic Front Councilor for Muchinga ward 28 Lee Mukupa also thanked the president for the donations made saying they will go a long way in looking after the aged at the center.


  1. I love this so much my president. Working for the people because you put others before yourself. You are so blessed bally

    • @Tarino, you say HH puts people first? no ways, he just paid himself $350,000 American dollars for being arrested over mere traffic violation. Poor village woman Feluna got K0.0 for putting HH on ballot.

    • Nostra your ignorance is outstanding for a person who is in diaspora and has access to news. Hh has never granted himself any govt funds. He withdrew his case when he became president. Stop spreading lies. Hh is the only president to refuse his salary. You won’t mention that because you are a biased tribal little sad pervert

  2. At the same meeting he starts talking about a PF member who has been arrested in Mozambique…. you can read desperation without much effort.

  3. This man HH is a fraud…this is the biggest crook Zambia has ever had as a President…listening to the Hantembo abduction saga then you know that Zambia is on deep shiii$t…HH shouldn’t be in office if the Hantembo abduction case is true

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