Saturday, June 15, 2024

Removal of vendors under ‘slave trade tree’ to restore its national status


-Central Province Permanent Secretary, Milner Mwanakampwe says the removal of the street vendors who used to operate under the famous Mukuyu tree in the central Business District (CBD) in Kabwe, will help restore the fig tree to its status as a national monument.

Mr Mwanakampwe says government wants to maintain the Mukuyu tree where slave trade used to take place in the pre-colonial days, as a tourist attraction.

He said this when Glory of the Latter Rain Ministries International President, Prophet Peter Mwale, called on him in Kabwe that government intends to ensure that national monuments are maintained and continue to attract tourists within the country and abroad.

And Prophet Mwale stressed the need to pray for the town of Kabwe to draw people closer to God.

Prophet Peter is in Kabwe for a three- day Inter-denominational crusade.


  1. The new dawn is working. This country was damaged by those pf thugs like lazy lungu. Continue cleaning out the pf mess literally

  2. THe move is good for the tree, what about the vendors who are/were trying to make an honest living rather than turning into begging or criminal activities? What happened to them? Merely asking? Any remedy for the vendors?

  3. While we would like to preserve our trees, let’s take of our people first so we could all enjoy the beautiful natural resources with food in our stomachs. Vendors or street traders must be looked after.

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