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Govt urged to work on Ndola/Mufulira road


Ndola Christian Ministers fellowship on the Copperbelt has called on the Government to work on the Ndola /Mufulira road which has become deplorable.

Ndola Christian Ministers fellowship said this when they called on Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo in Ndola that Ndola/Mufulira road has been neglected for so many years.

Ndola Christian Ministers fellowship Chairperson Amos Kanyakula noted that the Ndola/ Mufurira road is one of the economical roads on the Copperbelt and it should be worked on quickly.

Bishop Kanyakula said once the road is worked on it will improve the country’s economy as it leads to the Sankaya border post with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo said the government has already advertised for the construction of the Ndola/Mufulira road and soon a contractor will be on site.

Mr. Matambo said the Ndola/Mufulira road up to Sakanya border will be a concrete road, because of the heavy duty trucks which use it.

The Provincial Minister disclosed that the Sakanya border post will be improved to suit the international standards through construction of modern structures.

“On the other side of the Democratic Republic of Congo our colleagues have a modern building and we will do the same here and ensure that we build a concrete road from Hillcrest in Ndola up to Sakanya border,” said Mr Matambo.

He said from Sakanya to Mufurila, the road will be bituminous while from Ndola to Sakanya it will be a concrete road to cater for the trucks and ensure that it lasts longer.

Mr Matambo pointed out that works on the Chingola/Kasumbula road has reached an advanced stage and soon the construction works which are being done under the Public Private Partnership will soon be completed.

The Minister said the government has also started working on the Chibuluma road in Kitwe which was neglected for ten years by the previous regime.

“Within two years, President Hakainde Hichilema has found the money and a contractor has already been picked,” said Mr Matmabo.

He stated that the entire Chibuluma road will be a concrete road.

Mr Matambo said the Government will also work on selected roads in different districts on the Copperbelt.


  1. 40 years this road has never been repaired. There even used to be a railway line from Ndola through Sakania to Mufulira. It has dissappeared. So has the railway line from Ndola to Luanshya

  2. Ndola to mufulira road is not really an economic road compared to others on the CB.
    So Its not a national priority at the moment.
    Besides historically the road is known for hijackings and criminal activity perpetrated mainly by DRC Congo nationals.
    No need to waste resources on that road.

    • Go sleep and shut your mouth. Some of the myopic thinking of Zambians are shocking. Mufulira is still producing the second largest volume of copper with both a smelter and refinery that services Konkola too. More importantly, Mufulira is North Western Zambia’s connection to untapped Luapula and Northern. In any progressive economy intra country transportation is what drives commerce and is crucial so there is unlimited economic opportunities looking for funnelling to and from Luapula to Copperbelt. Just like there needs to be a top grade road between Mongu and Kabompo and Zambezi. Think

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