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Why Zambezi, why?


I have just seen a video of houses being engulfed in the infernal in Zambezi as a woman in the background cries, agonizingly, following the tribal clashes between the Lundas and Luvales that flared up earlier in the week.

For the record, I must make it clear I am a member of the Royal family of the Lunda speaking people. As the respected scholar, Prof. Kazhila Chinsembu, of the University of Namibia put it in his message to former Zambezi West Member of Parliament, Charles Kakoma, which of course he was kind enough to share with me and I quote, “I would like to be a good role model that champions the peaceful co-existence of both the Lunda and Luvale peoples in our district. This is important to me personally because despite being Lunda, my wife is Luvale/ Kaonde and corollary my children are Lunda, Luvale and Kaonde,” I will not labour to interrogate who is right or wrong of the two tribes, but rather cry for that family that has lost property……the woman who has lost a husband……that child who has just been orphaned……someone who has had their eyes gorged-out or indeed the person who has to live with life-long scars after sustaining serious injuries. My own sister who is a teacher had her house which is situated within town badly damaged and now has to start rebuilding at such a great cost.

Without any doubt, Zambezi district is one of the least developed places in our nation. While our roads remain quite pathetic and impassable, there’s no economic activity to write home about. The hard wood timber business which at least injected some cash into the local economy for a short while is slowly diminishing, thanks to the depleting timber. Much appreciation and accolades for Senior Chief Ishindi for not giving a blank cheque to individuals and businesses interested in the logging business.

Look at the the Zambezi District Hospital which we inherited from our colonial masters……it’s an eyesore; a total embarrassment! The paint on the walls is peeling off, ceiling boards are curving in while the surroundings are quite unkempt. Do they even have running water? Why is it taking long to demolish it? Go to the government buildings……are we not ashamed that we are still operating from those dilapidated colonial era facilities?

Instead of going after each other’s throats; why can’t we put our hands together and fight for meaningful development to come to our area? For instance, our chiefs can simply impose a ban on timber leaving the district and insist on value addition – we can set up factories to fashion out doors, furniture and display cabinets from our timber! And since our district is endowed with a number of rivers and natural dams, it’s obviously suitable for fish farming. We can equally make use of our vast swamps to produce rice to feed the entire nation and utilise the roling plains for cattle ranching.

Why do we always have to expend our energies on fights, year in and out? Why Zambezi, why?

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. You need to find real elders to talk and find a permanent solution to this endless hatred. This won’t bring progress but instead will keep on taking the region to past centuries. Who can enjoy the agony these people are going through?

    • This province is divided left right and centre. The provincial leadership is divided on tribal lines too and cannot lead. You need serious mature provincial leadership in the northwest. The current minister and his PS???? Not capable!!!

    • Yes if you look at Zambia at present people have realised they need to live with each other rather than extol their differences. These age-old differences take us to nowhere-except satisfy some sadistic petty egos.
      There is progress when you work with each other but when you burn each other’s homes who benefits? Noone because you become worse off than before. The law needs to come down hard on these arsonists. But the law should work with the “real elders” so that the solution is not artificial

    • These issues started with the national alignment in 1969 when part of Barotseland became today’s North Western Province. Consequently both the Lindas and Luvales got elevated to senior chiefs in addition to the Lozi senior chief Sikwibele. The result, three senior chiefs in one district and no clear boundaries- remember as part of Barotseland, the tribes were integrated. It’s the reason Lundas, Luvales, Nkoyas, Mbundas etc are all over Western province from Mwandi to Lukulu. So this is a stupid political problem and it should be solved by politicians who created it.

  2. We have law enforcement and channels to deal with these things. Stop inciting a conflict which has existed for years with more fuel. NWP is an example of neglect due to misunderstanding of the locals. where ever there is injustice, the people will rise.

  3. I was married to a luvale woman who I ended up divorcing for my own safety. She was a mentally unstable woman whose family fed into her instability. I remember when my son was born she demanded that he be circumcised because all luvale are. Her families even joined in to demand circumcision. I told them to go to hell. Luvale are like that. Never again

    • No one said he was circumcised you dullard. And neither did i specify that they wanted to do so at a specific age. I said they wanted him to undergo circumcision and I said no. I didn’t even care to know about their f00lish plans. Are you luvale? You seem to have taken it personal

    • You are dull yourself if you can’t make sense in what I have said. By the way don’t you have women in your tribe to travel all the way from Monze to marry one woman from Zambezi.

    • First of all, circumcision is not something the Luvale’s made up, it’s a practice that dates back all the way to biblical times. Even Jesus is said to have been circumcised. If you think this is primitive then try saying that to a jewish person who actually circumcise when the child is only a few days old. Try saying that to West African’s, Ethiopians, Arabs, Indians etc. The tribe you think is backwards can teach you a thing or two on how to survive. Don’t judge others when you have no idea of why things are done in certain ways. Diversification is what makes Zambia great, stick to your own if you can’t tolerate others.

    • Tarino is a tribal rouser. Even I who isnt from North West knows that a baby cant be circumscised. Its tundanji who are.

    • What makes Jews special or the masters on knowledge? I too and my people have our own beliefs and scientific evidence as to why circumcision is not beneficial. It is equivalent to FMG. Why a mutilate a man and think it is okay, yet you criticised female fmg just because it is Africans who do it. You are too influenced by fair skin colour. Inferiority complex runs deep in you. I will not be told how to raise my sons or what to do to their pen’s. There is a use and reason for that foreskin. Many people in the west are now going for foreskin restoration as they regret mutilating themselves.

  4. All you tribalist out there I hope this situation is a wakeup call to you.
    There is a serious tribal conflict taking place in the country and you have ridiculous and petty comments being made.
    As can be evidenced by many past comments, lots of do not oppose President HH on policy, achievements or delivery, it is clearly on tribal grounds and are hoping that he would be out of office and someone from another tribe take over.
    It also seems that some of you are hoping that a Rwanda situation will take place in Zambia. Can you imagine the blood bath that will take place?
    Is it any wonder that non Africans look at us as savages, a bunch of negros who all look the same but are pathetic and will fight amongst themselves.

  5. What’s the main source of the tension in our beautiful Zambezi district? Can we dig up the history books please, perhaps therein lies the solution.

  6. Tarino Orange, what is wrong with circum?
    Tarino Orange, you have said above; “(I remember when my son was born she demanded that he be circumcised because all luvale are.)
    If God the creator, can tell you to remove the fore sick for you to enjoy to the full. Is that wrong?
    Let your child to be.. to enjoy to the full.

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