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Media Icon Jeff Sitali Passes Away


Media icon Jeff Sitali has tragically passed away, leaving a profound impact on Zambia’s media and entertainment industry.

The devastating news was confirmed by Mr. Sitali’s close friend, Dickson Mwansa, who disclosed that the talented media personality had succumbed to injuries sustained in a studio accident.

Details regarding Mr. Sitali’s funeral arrangements will be provided at a later date.

Jeff Sitali will be fondly remembered for his pivotal role in Zambia’s television productions. He was both a notable on-screen presence and a creative force behind the scenes, contributing to numerous TV series and advertisements.

The news of his passing has sent shockwaves throughout Zambia’s media landscape, with many expressing their condolences and reflecting on his significant contributions.

Berry Lwando, the Director General of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), expressed his shock at Mr. Sitali’s untimely death. He praised Sitali for his revolutionary impact on advertising in Zambia, particularly for transforming it into a storytelling medium. Many of the productions Jeff Sitali was involved in bore witness to his creative genius.

Lwando described Jeff Sitali as one of the top creative directors Zambia has ever had and emphasized his influential role in mentoring and guiding numerous media practitioners in the country.

Jeff Sitali’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to resonate in Zambia’s media and entertainment industry, and he will be deeply missed by colleagues and fans alike.


  1. Condolences to his family and the media fraternity. However, why are there no details about the studio accident? I am quite curious to know what kind of a studio accident would kill a person.

    • @Spider, the journalists we have nowadays are taking us for a ride. They dont qualify to be storytellers for an esteemed audience. There is no cause of death or even suspected causes in the story. Studio accident and you leave it there?
      We all know it is a lie. What kind of studio accident? People dont just die. Something kills them and every trained journalist knows that. Thats why you ask the police, the doctors before you publish a story. Before publishing a story dig and find details then announce you have a story. May Jeff rest in Peace.

    • For anyone interested. Police report says he died of suspected suffocation at his house. Apparently he was burning some grass outside when smoke choked him and he fell into the fire before bystanders noticed and jumped over the fence.
      Seems like a suspicious death to me, hopefully police investigative.

    • @Uncle Spider: You see how your version from the police report , differs with what the “journalist” has here reported?

  2. A real media guru when we still had professional journalism, just very funny listening to one radio station this morning where a quiz master doing a quiz for a bank on giving answers says GMO stands for Genetically Modified Foods instead of Genetically Modified Organisms, he thinks it is only food that can be GMO. And another radio station has two breakfast presenters shouting continuously at some point with the shouting having no value to them nor the listeners.

    • And that funny one of Ngoni dancers who were trying to stomp the thorny ground with no shoes. Shoes were hilariously brought to them and the dance continued. Jeff took advantage of the airing of Shaka Zulu on outrTV screens and people loved it.

  3. Back in the days when we had genuine media personalities not these social media and tik tokers…Rest in Peace big man….God Bless

  4. Afrikaconnector mourns with the Sitali family and the rest of Zambia. This is huge loss to Zambia and globally. Let’s all look to God

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