Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Transformation of Xiaqi Village Inspires President Hichilema


In a visit to Xiaqi Village, a shining example of rural transformation in China, President Hakainde Hichilema expressed profound inspiration and a commitment to implementing similar initiatives in Zambia. Xiaqi Village, located in the capital city of Fujian Province, underwent a remarkable transformation during the tenure of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who served as the province’s governor from 1999 to 2002.

The Zambian delegation was deeply moved by the deliberate policies and relentless efforts employed by President Xi Jinping to elevate Xiaqi Village from its impoverished state. The village had been marginalized and discriminated against, characteristic of many rural communities facing economic hardship.

Under the visionary leadership of then-Governor Xi Jinping, Xiaqi Village experienced targeted resource mobilization and effective implementation of development programs. These efforts not only pulled the community out of poverty but also propelled it into a highly modernized and admired state. Education was a key focus of the intervention, resulting in the production of university graduates who are now making significant contributions to China.

President Hichilema, who is no stranger to the challenges facing impoverished communities, drew parallels between Xiaqi Village’s success story and his vision for Zambia’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF), a flagship program aimed at lifting his nation’s rural communities out of poverty. The enhanced CDF in Zambia devolves the allocation of resources to local communities, providing equal opportunities to citizens from all regions of the country.

During the guided tour of Xiaqi Village, President Hichilema reiterated his commitment to equality and inclusivity, regardless of citizens’ backgrounds, parentage, or language. He emphasized that Zambia would address the challenges faced by all its citizens, fostering an environment where everyone has a fair chance to pursue their aspirations.

As President Hichilema returns to Zambia, he carries with him the inspiration and lessons learned from Xiaqi Village, with hopes of building a more prosperous and equitable future for all Zambians through the targeted interventions of the Constituency Development Fund.


  1. This is not possible in zambia without an overhaul of the education system……….

    Chinese are taught patronisim, hard work, morals from primary school………

    None of that is taught in zambia

  2. HH is inspired with failure and lies. The only thing he is good at is feeling vengeful. He cannot even successfully revenge because he has failed to secure a single conviction

  3. Meanwhile Mmembe is demonstrating that he is mentally deranged in an article in ZO. Who gave him the authority to be publishing the stages of China relationships with different countries?

  4. Everything is just going in through one ear and out the other. He is just paying the Chinese lipservice. Nothing will be implemented. You think what the Chinese have done is child’s play?

  5. Soon you will be hearing “ati if China did it, why can’t we did it also” You can’t because you first need to have peace and harmony in your country. You need to spend huge on the young generation and you need to up the game on the standard of education. We fail to build simple roads never mind an entire city.

  6. I want to agree with some one this blogg that our Zambian education system is only tailored towards nothing for development of human skills but to just waste time , in learning nothing but losing years for nothing but to go and wait to be employed by some one .
    Iam saying that our education system must change if we are going a difference in developing our nation .

  7. In Zambia some people are good at talking and identifying problems and never taking actions to solve identified problems. What is worse is that even when someone is trying to take actions to solve the problems, that person become a victim of arm chair critics!

  8. Unfortunately the Chinese are of a different culture from ours. They never copied culture from anyone…they used their culture to be where they are. Dr Kaunda wanted us to use what we understood best unfortunately Zambians as usual were getting tired of him. Meanwhile his colleague Nyerere managed to some extent.
    Nififine onse uwaba president will bring something strange which will be abandoned by the successor.

    • Basically No planning. The Chinese have had a plan all along, they just do change it. Since their revolution Mao set up a plan Chou en lai took over and steered the course and so on and so on. Ise KK had a plan but Copycat Chiluba kicked it out, then since the West were pulling all the strings Levy came just to fit in without any original plan until Sata took the seat and started supervising the same Western plan that Lungu dozed over. HH has taken over and the strings are still being pulled even more strongly. We remain aimless

  9. Village concept, by General Miyanda, was the best despite the criticism he faced. All am seeing in the picture was the vision our great son of the soil,Miyanda, had. The other thing is that we need consistency and adherence to policies. KK left a very good blueprint. Chiluba came in and did away with all the foundation that was laid by KK. Mwanawasa tried but a lot of damage was done. We need to enact a law of consistency. Whatever a successor finds should be build on with continuity.

    • You can only have consistency if there’s no bitterness in succession. Chiluba abhorred Kaunda. Sata hated Rupiah Banda and MMD. HH has vindictive hatred against Edgar Lungu. In Tanzania the succession is peaceful, brotherly, orderly and mature. Here a new president will be spending time fighting the predecessor and their policies.

  10. @Deja vu if that’s the case then democracy is not for us. We need to understand and appreciate democracy.
    If we can’t acknowledge the previous government and our plans are only to show how much of a failure they were then we the people are wasting time and money sponsoring fake leadership that is taking us nowhere. Perhaps thats why dictatorships are returning to Africa.

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