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Boat Accident Claims Three Lives on Lake Bangweulu


On September 14, 2023, a tragic incident unfolded on Lake Bangweulu, leaving three individuals missing and presumed dead after a boat capsized. The Chilubi District Administrative Officer, Dieu-donne Lupasha, confirmed this unfortunate event to ZANIS.

The ill-fated boat, carrying a total of nine passengers, was en route from Samfya to Chilubi when disaster struck in the vicinity of Lunkunka. According to Mr. Lupasha, the boat tragically capsized, setting off a chain of events that would have dire consequences.

Tragically, three individuals lost their lives in this devastating incident. Among the victims were an adult and two children. The victims were identified as Edward Mulenga (male), Pascalina Mupeta (female, 9 years old), and Susan Kombe (a 6-year-old child). Their untimely demise has left their families and the community in mourning.

While this accident claimed three lives, six fortunate individuals managed to survive the ordeal. Among the survivors was Clement Chipulu (male), who served as the coxswain of the ill-fated boat. Others who successfully made it through this harrowing experience included Luke Mulenga (male) and Albert Chota.

However, the survivors did not escape unscathed, as some of them required medical attention. Sosala Kasabwe and Gertrude Mwila, both females, were among those admitted to Samfya Hospital for treatment.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can accompany water travel, especially in areas prone to adverse weather conditions or rapid changes in water currents.


  1. Meteorological Departments warmed that the day would be windy and precautions should be taken. Sad life was lost especially the two young lives

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