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Deputy Chief Justice Condemns Mumbwa Riots


Deputy Chief Justice Michael Musonda has strongly condemned the recent riots in Mumbwa district, during which two businessmen lost their lives. Justice Musonda made this statement while addressing the public during a lecture held at the University of Lusaka’s Silverest Campus.

Expressing his concern over the tragic events that unfolded in Mumbwa, Justice Musonda appealed to all Zambians to refrain from taking matters into their own hands and to trust in the country’s law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties effectively.

During his public lecture, Justice Musonda underscored the crucial role of the judiciary in maintaining public faith in the legal system. He emphasized that it is the duty of the judiciary to uphold the law impartially and with unwavering fidelity to justice, ensuring that all citizens have confidence in the legal processes.

Furthermore, Justice Musonda urged the public to have patience and faith in the police and other law enforcement agencies as they work diligently to investigate and address the issues related to the Mumbwa riots. He stressed the importance of allowing the legal processes to run their course to ensure a fair and just outcome.

In conjunction with Justice Musonda’s lecture, University of Lusaka (UNILUS) Vice Chancellor Pinalo Chifwanakeni highlighted the significance of legal education in shaping individuals who will become the guardians of justice. UNILUS recognizes the pivotal role that legal education plays in fostering a deep understanding of the law, ethics, and principles of justice.


  1. Much as the mobs are guilty of lynch justice, our police leave much to be desired. The moment this thing was at whisper level the police should have swung into action not when the damage has already been done. We are leaving in bad tempered times so it’s time the police went back to the beat system.

    • Beat system? We only have to dream about it.
      How can we “trust in the country’s law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties effectively” when the ruling party doesn’t? They have ignored the law that nullified those elections in Ndola and Kitwe so the people are doing the same: ignoring the rules

  2. What do you expect under upnd. We never saw such behaviour under pf because we promoted business and encouraged individuals to succeed. Under this boy hh, only he can be successful. Others must be doing something wrong. He is an arrogant f00I

  3. YOU encouraged a corrupt society which is now difficult to rectify
    watch Miles Sampa he has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons

  4. The riots in Mumbwa have sent a very loud message to both the Zambia Police and the Judiciary. People are losing confidence in these institutions and that’s worrying. When it comes to those with money these institutions behave in a manner that doesn’t inspire confidence. In Kitwe a criminal that was serving a long sentence for aggravated robbery involving copper was involved in a RTA while driving a Corolla. He’s since been released on parole. Some convicts have children with their wives whilst serving their terms. Pamela’s abduction was rigged as connected persons seemed to have been shielded. A sum of these and others are what have caused people to take the Law in their own hands. The DCJ knows that the Supreme Court hasn’t delivered judgements on some cases for over 20yrs

    • Don’t exaggerate. You mean Pamela Chisumpa and others also have an incentive to cover up those who abused them? I feel really sorry for you.

    • #Gunner in Zambia… don’t just react. One of Pamela’s abductors is a brother to of the slain businessman and the escaped abductors had connections with Romeo Kangombe. These could be mere coincidences but a sharp investigator cannot overlook them without examining them. Be critical without being malicious.

  5. @Deja Vu, tell him! Who rented that house and who was financing the operation? Just a few days ago a coroner ordered the arrest of police officers in Mufulira for the murder of their colleague. He also found that the investigations officer didn’t do a good as he seemed to have been trying to cover up the crime. How does that sit with the family of the deceased and the people of Mufulira? Is it inspiring?

  6. The condemnation from government has been weak. It’s almost as if this government subscribes to these kinds of actions. We have not heard anything about how the rule of law is Supreme and the required condemnation of vigilantism. The Mumbwa police needs to be bashed for a riff raff job and heads should roll

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