Tuesday, June 25, 2024

UPND will not tolerate cadres- Kasanda


The Information and Media Minister, Chushi Kasanda, has assured the nation that the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration, under President Hakainde Hichilema, has successfully eliminated political cadreism from the political landscape.

Speaking at an event in Lusaka, Minister Kasanda emphasized that the UPND administration is resolutely committed to eradicating political cadreism, as it poses a threat to the liberty and economic development of the Zambian people. She firmly stated that the government will not tolerate any form of political cadreism, and measures are in place to ensure it does not resurface.

Furthermore, Minister Kasanda reiterated the government’s commitment to the fight against corruption, emphasizing that there will be no “sacred cows” in this endeavor. She underlined that the UPND administration is determined to investigate and prosecute corruption cases without bias, regardless of the political affiliations of the suspects involved.

Minister Kasanda’s remarks came during her participation in the third-anniversary celebration of the Grace Methodist Church-Bethel Congregation in Lusaka.

Alberto Mwansa, the General Overseer of Grace Methodist Church, used the occasion to call on the government to maintain its stance against political cadreism. He expressed concern that elements of cadreism were still emerging in certain areas of Lusaka, and urged the government to remain vigilant in addressing the issue.

Meanwhile, Malenga Lungu, the General Secretary of Grace Methodist Church, delivered a sermon during the event, encouraging all Zambians never to give up on their dreams and aspirations.


  1. Madam yes you have but only PF cadres have been eliminated to be replaced by your people. What do you call the harassment of Edgar Lungu in eastern province? And neither you or your president have said anything about the incident. Of it can only be caderism if it’s perpetrated by PF.

  2. You can remove cadres but that doesn’t put food on people tables. Kasanda sometimes it is wise to close your mouth. You are more attractive with your mouth closed legs open

  3. Yes indeed the president will continue to do what cadres are supposed to be doing , imprisoning his political opponents looting money from government coffers giving to his people who were on nolle in fact k6.4 million each and any other cadre will receive compansation for killing Kungo in Solwezi during elections , but will not compansate those who died during political skimishes if they come from other provinces apart from southern province.
    Yes the police will continue to work as political cadres to torture political opponents of this president


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