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Traditional Leaders Encourage Reconciliation Between President Hichilema and Former President Lungu


Prominent chiefs from Eastern Province have called for reconciliation and unity between President Hakainde Hichilema and former President Edgar Lungu. The traditional leaders have expressed their concern over the current tension between the two leaders and its potential negative consequences for the country’s development and unity.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni,of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province, emphasized the importance of finding common ground for President Hichilema and former President Lungu to work together in the interest of national development. He stressed that their ongoing discord could lead to division and hinder the progress of the nation.

During a courtesy call on President Hichilema at Community House, Paramount Chief Mpezeni also encouraged the current head of state to remain focused on serving the citizens despite negative voices and distractions. He assured President Hichilema that he is on the right path to fulfilling his promises and improving the lives of the Zambian people.

Senior Chief Nsefu, urged the government to collaborate closely with traditional leaders, as they are representatives of the people and play a crucial role in maintaining harmony and unity within communities.

In response, President Hichilema emphasized the significance of dialogue in addressing various issues that may arise. He reiterated his government’s commitment to improving the lives of the people by effectively managing the country’s resources and fostering cooperation among all stakeholders.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s counsel for reconciliation and unity aligns with the broader call for peace and cooperation in Zambia. The traditional leaders also called for upholding the legacy of the late founding father, Kenneth Kaunda, emphasizing the principle of “one Zambia, one Nation.”

In addition to encouraging reconciliation, Paramount Chief Mpezeni raised concerns about the escalating price of mealie meal and urged the government to address this issue to alleviate the stress it has caused among citizens.


  1. Paranoia and the spirit of bitterness and vengeance have clouded his mind. The growing prospect of losing the 2026 elections has made it worse. He seems to have lost it. Let’s pray for him

    • I support HH but he should show leadership. Sometimes his outbursts overshadow his good work. He comes out as bitter and should let go. Again, he is surrounded by the wrong advisors. In leadership, sometimes look stupid, rather than being seen to be more intelligent and better than others. Lungu should also behave himself. Kambwili and GBM are just using him. They made him lose the election, yet he can’t see they are a liability to his life. The man sometimes comes out as too Dull.

    • TIKKI

      1. Yes, the onus & blame is on HH. If the Cabinet, or Executive Team that HH appointed are still useless after 2 yrs and they are; then HH’s judgement, selections and decisions must seriously be questioned.</

      * Analogy of metaphor* If I am CEO & ( Chair of the Board of Directors) and I appoint a (Senior Executive Management Team) that is deemed ineffective or useless, it can have several negative effects on the organization. Therefore, I must own up for my poor decisions, judgments and selection of the useless team I have assembled.

  2. Tricky situation… personally I don’t know whether the minister of home affairs and his men are doing this to impress HH or is it HH who’s giving the instructions from behind the curtain? But sometimes you can suspect that his outbursts at public meetings are taken as instructions by the dimwits.

  3. This is politics. There will never be reconciliation in politics. That is why they are called opposition parties.
    It like telling Man U and Arsenal to reconcile when they are on the pitch. Or telling God and the Devil to reconcile.

    • He will never forget that incarceration under Edgar Lungu. The only way out is for Spaka to interfere with his motorcade and see what happens next.

  4. It is important to Mr. Lungu to learn that he is no longer President of Zambia hence as Former so therefor he should be subservient to the only and only Government of The Republic of Zambia which at the moment is under His Excellency The President HH. Whatever happened previously is up to President HH himself and only himself to do whatever he desires to do because he is our President whether we like it or NOT.
    Each person in this wide world has his time and nobody has the right to interfere with the rights of others.
    Whatever it means, it means.

  5. ……….

    Lungu needs to apologise for his brutality to zambian people and the opposition……..

    Not once has this lungu shown any remose for unleashing violent cader thugs on the opposition and citizens………

    He was so petty and vindictive to go as far as banning HH from attending the funeral of the great KK………..

    Who bans fellow leaders from funerals ????

    • ……….


      That is not true………..

      There were many no go areas for upnd……..

      Even for inocent citizens , wearing red could be a death sentence or an assured beating from PF………

      We all remember how HH was barred from visiting most provices ……

      Even a trip to markets was out of bounds for the upnd president

  6. In my opinion HH is being too soft on Lungu. Like the learned lawyer Sangu said, with all the corruption which happened in the PF time Lungu should be under investigation. He has seen that this is not coming and started playing games. HH needed to go after this Lungu guy like a ton of bricks.

    • We keep repeating ourselves because of the Chiluba witch-hunt(even though kenze ka k@walala). Those encouraging HH should understand that the day he leaves office, he will be subject to the same treatment, the wife included. Looking after the former president has more benefits to 2H than trying to settle scores. 2H just needs to remember that he is sowing the seed for h@te.

  7. African leaders can learn to emulate the wisdom of South Africa’s President Ramaphosa who has endured vicious personal attacks from 3-former Presidents. Jacob Zuma galvanized a ruthless gang (Arthur Fraser, a Public Protector etc plus his ex-wife) to create the Phala Phala saga so as to discredit Ramaphosa. But Ramaphosa forged ahead to improve better qualities of life for all South Africans. He allowed Zuma to seek medical services in Cuba and Russia; and even used administrative provisions to rescue Zuma from a prison sentence on account of his old-age and role as a freedom fighter. HOW MANY AFRICAN LEADERS CAN MATCH RAMAPHOSA’S STATESMANSHIP TODAY?

  8. There is nothing to reconcile. Each one has his role to play and as long as they don’t interfere into each other’s roles then everything will be ok.

  9. Alaaa reconcile for what!
    What wrong has Edgar Lungu done!
    The constitution of Zambia talks about freedoms of speech and association the former president is free to go anywhere in and out of the country!
    This united party for national disaster has killed the economy of Zambia after using lies to aquire power
    Mealie meal K320
    Fuel K30 per litre
    The cost of living is hell
    First they had a 10 point plan. When Zambians questioned them about their party manifesto,the lying party went i got one from Jamaica, therefore they don’t have a base on which they are governing this country, chipantepante party, I feel pit for praise singers. Nothing positive will come out of disaster government. Too much lying

  10. Now that Lungu is not in power it is convenient to speak about dialogue and reconciliation? I do not think this is necessary. I would encourage HH to use the courts to bar Lungu from standing. This is the precursor to any reconciliation. His intentions should be pure.

  11. Crooked thieving Lungu should be grateful. Mwanawasa would have had him and his PF cronies investigated and would have been behind bars for gross embezzlement by now. It will continue to repeat itself if every time politicians steal, we sweep it under the carpet. We are still suffering from the huge debt Lungu PF accumulated and economic mismanagement and people here think he should be treated with kid gloves? HH should be brought to account not to reconcile with Lungu, but why he’s failed to bring PF to account for the plunder of Zambia’s resources.

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