Outside Influence suspected in Recent UNZA Riot


The University of Zambia’s (UNZA) Registrar, Theresa Chansa, has expressed suspicion that the recent riot that occurred at the East Road campus may have been influenced by outsiders. This revelation came to light during a visit by Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata to the Great East Campus.

The unrest on the campus raised concerns about potential external influences on the student body. Ms. Chansa suggested that the disturbances were not solely the result of internal issues but may have involved external actors.

Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Cretu Kaanza, echoed this sentiment by urging students not to allow themselves to be influenced by outsiders. The police commissioner’s statement underscored the importance of maintaining campus security and preventing external interference in student affairs.

During her visit to the Great East Campus, Minister Sheal Mulyata addressed the students and emphasized the need for peaceful and constructive dialogue to address grievances. She urged students to find amicable ways to voice their concerns, thus preventing external parties from taking advantage of internal issues.


    • Graduates from Zambian Universities are so much of substandard. This is why with all Engineers; they can’t find solutions to resolve water or power issues. They are so dull. All they know is retrogressive rioting than contributing to improve their country. They are useless institutions that are a liability to our society. When they disagree, they break people’s private property. We need strict laws to be arresting them.

  1. It is not the first time riots have taken place at UNZA. Under UNIP, MMD and PF, there were disturbances at UNZA. Even under UPND now, there are disturbances. Each time this has has happened, the party in government has been quick to blame it on outsiders as if students are incapable doing this on their own. UNZA management is now falling prey to the same blame game. Exams are around the corner, and its is not uncommon for students to get agitated by anything around this time and run riot.

  2. It’s silly to always blame external forces for your own shortcomings. The outsiders didn’t cancel the election. This is a lame excuse. Last time the PF used to blame Douglas Syakalima as the sponsor of unrest just because he used to be a lecturer at the institution. Is it still Douglas causing riots at UNZA? It means you won’t find troublemakers. The manner that University is managed leaves one wondering about education in Zambia. The institution is full of useless intellectuals

  3. There we go again… PF time the opposition were accused for any strife that broke out at unza. This woman is just stopping short to say it…. who else can be outside influence other than the PF (This will be a good excuse to arrest them).
    MP Mpundu differed with the Ambi woman and the following day he’s summoned by ZP

  4. Everytime there is trouble you look to blame others. Why can’t it be as straight as it looks. Its unza students rioted on their own accord.

  5. And there must have been outsiders who caused Mumbwa riots. And there must be outsiders who made our president hire a plane to China. And there must be outsiders who are causing the mealie meal price to rise

  6. This government should learn to accept there misdeeds and correct them other than always looking for someone to blame. Who is to blame for the high cost of fuel and mealie meal?

  7. One government should just be bold enough and transfer all the cost of damages coursed by the students to their fees and you will see the end to these riots. HH is scared of arresting certain people for fear of 2026. If it was Kambwili or Lusambo who did anything similar to this, you would have seen how prompt and brutal the police would have acted. Have we seen any arrests made in Mumbwa?

  8. They fighting for what belongs to them period and stop the blame game and solve the issue at hand.Problem people in leadership can not use the sixth sense.

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