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PCCZ Cautions Men on Prostate Cancer Testing: Early Detection Key to Survival


Prostate Cancer Campaign Zambia (PCCZ), a leading organization dedicated to raising awareness about the prevalence of prostate cancer, is urging men aged 40 and above to prioritize regular prostate cancer check-ups. The organization, led by Founder and Executive Director Mike Changwe, emphasizes that early detection plays a pivotal role in improving the chances of successful treatment and long-term survival.

Prostate cancer, a disease that affects a significant number of men globally, can often be successfully treated if diagnosed in its early stages. Mr. Changwe highlights that procedures like radical prostatectomy surgery have proven effective in treating the disease when detected early.

Statistics have indicated that men are at risk of developing prostate cancer, and the causes behind this concerning trend remain largely unknown. According to Mr. Changwe, one of the major contributing factors to the high mortality rate associated with prostate cancer is the lack of awareness and understanding among men.

“Too many men are reluctant to seek medical attention until the cancer has reached an advanced stage, often leading to the spread of the disease to other vital organs,” Mr. Changwe said. This delay in seeking medical help significantly reduces the available treatment options and diminishes the chances of positive outcomes.

PCCZ’s mission extends beyond urban areas, with a commitment to reaching even the most remote regions of Zambia, where healthcare access and awareness may be limited. Mike Changwe has acknowledged the commendable efforts by the Ministry of Health in raising awareness about breast and cervical cancer. However, he emphasizes the need for the government to allocate additional resources to preventive measures and support training programs for healthcare providers.

“Equipping healthcare professionals in every center with the knowledge and skills will help detect and manage prostate cancer cases effectively,” Mr. Changwe emphasized. He highlighted that prostate cancer is not a contagious or shameful disease, but rather a health challenge that can be managed and, in many cases, prevented with the right knowledge and resources.

Taking a proactive approach to prostate cancer through regular check-ups and early detection can potentially save lives and reduce the suffering caused by this disease. PCCZ continues to be at the forefront of the campaign to spread awareness and education about prostate cancer, with the ultimate goal of improving the health and well-being of men across Zambia.

Therefore, men are encouraged to take charge of their health and prioritize regular prostate cancer check-ups. By doing so, they not only increase their chances of early detection and successful treatment but also contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Prostate cancer is a challenge that can be effectively managed with the right knowledge, resources, and proactive healthcare practices.


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