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Independent Churches of Zambia Mourns the Passing of Archbishop Peter Ndhlovu of BIGOCA


The Independent Churches of Zambia (ICZ) President, David Masupa, expressed deep sadness over the passing of Archbishop Peter Ndhlovu, Overseer of the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA). Archbishop Ndhlovu’s death has left a void in the inter-religious community, as he had served on the Executive Board of the Inter-Religious Association for Peace and Development.

Archbishop Peter Ndhlovu, who passed away Friday night at Maina Soko Military Hospital following an illness, is remembered for his significant contributions to the Christian community. His leadership attributes have left an indelible mark on the body of Christ.

Bishop Masupa acknowledged Archbishop Ndhlovu’s pivotal role in shaping Zambian Christianity and noted that he was a spiritual father to many, providing wisdom and guidance to numerous pastors and believers.

BIGOCA Deputy Overseer Bishop Lazarus Shumba confirmed Archbishop Ndhlovu’s passing. He announced that the funeral service for Archbishop Ndhlovu would be held at the BIGOCA Church in Matero for the next seven days. During this period, the church will come together to celebrate the life and legacy of their beloved Overseer.

Archbishop Peter Ndhlovu was a highly respected figure within the Zambian Christian community, and his influence extended far beyond the boundaries of his church. His commitment to faith and service to the body of Christ will be cherished and remembered by those who had the privilege of knowing him.

As the nation mourns the loss of this esteemed spiritual leader, the impact of his contributions to Zambian Christianity will continue to be felt by many, and his legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those he touched throughout his lifetime.


  1. Mhsrip.
    The facility where the man of God died from is no longer maina Soko military hospital. It’s now called Maina Soko Medical Centre. This is so to make the hospital more appealing to civilians as it extends its services to them too.

    • After reading the entire article, the only thing you have picked on is the name of the hospital that has been incorrectly referred to? Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is still referred to as Lusaka international airport.
      You couldn’t even express condolences to the family and christian fraternity on their loss. It is only courteous to do that in our culture


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