Thursday, May 30, 2024

President Hichilema signs Electronic Governement Regulations SI


President Hakainde Hichilema has signed the Electronic Government Regulations Statutory Instrument (SI) No 43 of 2023.

According to a statement issued by Acting Minister of Information and Media Makozo Chikote, the SI will strengthen the role of the Electronic Government Division.

Mr. Chikote said that the SI will enhance promoting the adoption and uptake of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in all Public bodies.

The Acting Minister added that the SI will among others provide for the standardised and integrated implementation of digital solutions in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner.

“The regulation is aligned with the government’s prioritisation of digital transformation leveraging technology for the enhancement of the well-being of the citizenry through enhanced public service delivery,” Mr Chikote stated.

He therefore urged all public institutions to align their institutional digital implementations with the regulation, to ensure that the public sector derives optimal returns for its investment in technology.

Mr Chikote said it is key in fostering a one government approach towards the implementation of digital transformation across the Country.


  1. This government Enterprise Resource Planning is welcome. Records keeping in paperless endeavours is cumbersome. This is a digital age. Imagine how difficult it has been to get a NRC or Birth/Death Certificate. A Certificate of Title for your property on Smart Zambia platform is now workable within only 3 months! No lost documents. Only RATSA on licensing was ahead of time, the rest were a mess.
    My hope is that the Smart won’t be soiled or abused by the State. Congratulations Mr. President.


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