Thursday, May 30, 2024

Simba International School Excels at Model United Nations (UN) Conference in Athens, Greece


Simba International School in Ndola, Zambia, has once again demonstrated its commitment to nurturing the future global leaders by achieving outstanding success at the Model United Nations (UN) Conference held in Athens, Greece. The Model UN Clubs Program, aimed at simulating the activities of the United Nations Assembly, encourages young minds to engage in diplomacy and contribute to global peace.

During the International Conference in Athens, Simba International School emerged triumphant, securing three coveted Best Delegate awards and two Honorable Mentions. The exceptional achievers who made the institution proud are as follows:
Best Delegates: Chawanzi Chaponda, Efthios Gregorakis, Ojasvi Kapoor and Honorable Mentions: Mutinta Musokotwane and Maitri Khamar.

The remarkable accomplishment of Simba International School received praise from Mrs. Samantha Matambo, the wife of Copperbelt Province Minister Mr. Elisha Matambo. She commended the school for its dedication to promoting peace through the Model UN Clubs Program.

“We are fortunate to have enjoyed 59 years of peace in Zambia while many nations across Africa and beyond grapple with conflicts and wars. Opting for dialogue and peace over warfare is paramount in alleviating human suffering. Simba International School has not only made Zambia proud but has also shown the world our commitment to these principles on a global stage,” Mrs. Matambo remarked.

Mrs. Matambo encouraged the students to persist in their noble pursuits, emphasising that they are the future diplomats responsible for protecting the world through dialogue and peace.

Simba International School’s Head of School, Mr. Mark Makwalimba, expressed his pride in the students’ achievements, saying, “We are thrilled to have represented Zambia on the international stage, and we remain committed to providing high-quality, globally recognised education.”

Mr. Bernard Kalenga Munyoka, the Delegation Leader and a French Teacher at Simba International School, extended his gratitude to the school’s management, parents, and the entire nation for their unwavering support. He noted, “This is just the beginning because these young minds are the leaders of tomorrow, and we aspire to accomplish even more.”
The success at the Campion International School Annual Conference is a testament to the dedication, determination, and resilience of Simba International School students. This achievement has set the stage for their participation in upcoming prestigious Model United Nations conferences in The Hague and Rome. These global events host approximately 5,000 delegates from around the world over five consecutive days.

Simba International School’s accomplishments in Athens reflect its commitment to fostering global leadership, diplomacy, and peace-building, further solidifying its reputation as a hub for academic excellence. The school now eagerly anticipates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead at the upcoming international conferences.


  1. One of my daughters attends this school but from next year I take her to international school in dubai. She is not safe under upnd thugs

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