Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chief Chiwala Calls for ACC Investigation into Alleged Ministry of Lands Corruption


Chief Chiwala of the Lamba people, residing in Masaiti District, has called for the intervention of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate and prosecute Ministry of Lands workers reportedly involved in illicit land deals. Chief Chiwala has expressed deep concern over alleged corruption within the Ministry of Lands and the fraudulent administration of land across the nation.

According to Chief Chiwala, certain Ministry of Lands employees have established illegal cartels that unlawfully manage land in various regions of the country. In an alarming revelation, he stated that officials at the Ministry of Lands have even gone as far as forging land documents and irregularly issuing land titles.

The Lamba chief voiced his grievances during a gathering at his palace in Masaiti when he hosted a courtesy call by Lands Minister Elijah Muchima.

Minister Muchima, in response to Chief Chiwala’s concerns, emphasized the need to address the rampant land irregularities within the Copperbelt Province. He acknowledged the existence of multiple land disputes and illegal land allocations across all ten districts in the region.

Dr. Muchima cited several specific cases that the Ministry of Lands is currently scrutinizing, including the Mauberry land dispute in Ndola, the degazetting of Forest 39 in Ndola, and the pending titling of Lufwanyama Farm Block plots. The minister made it clear that land should not be the exclusive domain of the wealthy.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Muchima paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo, who expressed the urgent need for a comprehensive land audit within the Copperbelt region.

In a related development, Warren Mwambazi, Member of Parliament for Bwana Mkubwa, urged the Ministry of Land to expedite the resolution of land disputes in Ndola, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues promptly.


  1. Your Royal Highness if the land corruption you are referring to has just happened in the last two years, just forget it. Unless it happened before August 2021 and this will depend who is involved.

    • Before 2021…….

      The whole system was rotten with stinking corruption everywhere………

      Reserve forests across the country were being sold from state House to PF cader thugs and ministers……..

      Mukula forests were being looted from state House………

      Lungu and his gang of clique of theiives were ready to loot and degazette game parks next………

  2. The lands corruption has been there forever-from the first republic. Poorly supervised Lands Ministry staff realised there was a hole they could exploit. Deeds issued to many people are forged by Lands ministry staff who sell land to wealthy people especially foreign companies. The Civil Service is a rotten place where people forge letterheads, forms, signatures, etc for their pockets. Even in urban Zambia land is openly allocated illegally and all of us can see everything wrong with this but cant do anything about it. Just visit various townships that have sprouted in Lusaka and you will see disorder on top of disorder yet our president drives through this disorder everyday. The ACC cant investigate the rot. Its too big for them.

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