Thursday, May 30, 2024

Zambia Seeks Investment Opportunities in Trade and Agri-Business Sectors


In a bid to strengthen trade ties and foster investment opportunities, the President Hakainde Hichilema, met with prominent international delegations recently. Discussions primarily centered around trade, investment, and the role of positive discrimination in procurement processes.

President Hichilema welcomed a delegation from the Norwegian-Africa Business Association, led by Ms. Mathilde Thue, at State House. The talks emphasized the significance of Zambia’s vast potential for water harvesting, irrigation, mechanization, and efficient resource management. The President urged the Norwegian-Africa Business Association to address the concern of the high cost of capital in Africa and invited them to consider investing in Zambia. The country’s strategic location, favorable hydrology, and efficient logistical support through various corridors position Zambia as a hub for swift exports and a wide array of business opportunities.

Furthermore, another delegation from the United Green in the United Kingdom expressed their interest in investing in Zambia’s agri-business sector. President Hichilema welcomed this prospect, highlighting Zambia’s over 1 million hectares of arable land in farm blocks and its potential to become a significant food basket for the region and beyond. The emphasis was on agro-processing and establishing supply chains, which not only create jobs but also contribute to building a diverse and robust economy.

President Hichilema underlined the importance of changing the traditional narrative that Africa solely exports raw materials. These discussions with international partners exemplify Zambia’s commitment to enhancing its agricultural sector for both food security and economic growth, providing valuable opportunities for investors and further economic development in the region.


  1. Mr president, just like the one stop boarder crossing initiative, Zambia needs to secure a one stop sea port initiative with our neighbours so that goods destined for the Zambian markets are processed by ZRA at port and forwarded on to Zambia directly without bottlenecks and delays. Let’s take advantage of the land offered by Tanzania to connect Zambia to the sea. TAZARA could play a key role in transporting goods in and out of Zambia without the hustle and delays currently experienced when using ports such as Walvis bay, Durban or Dar es salaam. Let the Zambians deal with their own cargo at a reasonable fee to our neighbours. Maybe one day we could also assist them by supplementing their budgets.

  2. The puppet has completely decimated small scale farmers to pave way for cutthroat capitalists to produce GMOs. Zambia is finished. By the time we kick him out, there’ll be no Zambia left. Look at what they did to Zambia’s manufacturing base, today we important almost everything that we used to make. Cry the beloved country


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