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Inaugural President’s Charity Golf Tournament Held at State House Golf Course


The Inaugural President’s Charity Golf Tournament was hosted at the State House Golf Course on Sunday afternoon.

The tournament saw the participation of 130 golfers, including young children who displayed their enthusiasm and talent in the sport. This inclusive approach underscored the importance of nurturing young talent and promoting golf’s accessibility to all.

The success of the event was made possible through partnerships and sponsorships from local banks and lending institutions. During the tournament, the government encouraged these partners to further enhance the credit window for the public sector, a significant initiative aimed at increasing maize and crop yields. Such efforts play a pivotal role in advancing Zambia’s food security and contributing to economic growth.

The Inaugural President’s Charity Golf Tournament was a testament to the unity of sportsmen and sportswomen who lent their support to this noble cause. The proceeds from the President’s Charity Golf Tournament will be directed towards various initiatives, including supporting youth and women, healthcare, education, and junior golf development. The commitment to community development and the well-being of Zambians is at the heart of this endeavor.

President Hakainde Hichilema expressed his appreciation for the successful organization of the tournament and commended all the participants for their contributions. The event served as a reminder that there is no minor or major sport; each has a significant role to play in fostering unity, promoting charity, and building a brighter future for all.


    • Who ever told the president to wear that will not enter heaven. Its a golf day for GOD,s sake. Its not a hunting day ….kikikiki

  1. Which average zambian can afford to play a rich man’s game like golf? Hh has misplaced priorities. People are struggling to feed themselves, and he is busy playing golf. F00lish

    • Your and your types are history
      the youth is the furure in zambia
      and spoirt brings people togeher
      Look at the springboks
      What have you here zero
      You may win a garbage cup maybe

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