Friday, February 23, 2024

Minister of Information Addresses Press Briefing on Key National Issues


The Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, MP, conducted a press briefing to address various significant national issues. The briefing covered a range of topics, providing insights into the government’s actions and responses to current developments.

Here are the key highlights from the press briefing:

Access to Information Bill: Minister Mweetwa announced that the government has taken the Access to Information Bill to Parliament for further consideration. This move follows Cabinet approval in principle of the Access to Information draft Bill on August 30, 2023. The Minister called for support from stakeholders who may be invited to the National Assembly to contribute to the final outlook and content of the Access to Information Act.

Suspension of Members of Parliament: Minister Mweetwa clarified that the suspension of 19 Members of Parliament by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti, is in line with the resolution of the Committee. He cited past instances, such as the suspension of 30 UPND Members of Parliament, as precedents. Contrary to some assertions, he explained that there was no heavy state police presence at Parliament.

Impeachment of the Speaker: Minister Mweetwa clarified the process for the impeachment of the Speaker of the National Assembly, stating that it requires a two-thirds majority or 110 Members of Parliament. He noted that the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament are currently below 60, which is less than 50% of the required number. He emphasized that no ruling party members support the impeachment.

Leadership Change in the Opposition: The Chief Government Spokesperson highlighted that after communication from Mr. Ngona, the registered Secretary General of the Patriotic Front, the Speaker was informed of the election of Mr. Robert Chabinga, MP, as Leader of the Opposition, replacing Mr. Brian Mundubile MP.

Allegations of Staged Confusion: Minister Mweetwa dismissed claims that the UPND government orchestrated the confusion within the Patriotic Front, deeming such allegations unreasonable.

Defense of Human Rights: Minister Mweetwa outlined President Hakainde Hichilema’s commitment to upholding human rights and civil liberties. He listed key principles, including the restoration of the rule of law, equality before the law, prevention of arbitrary actions by those in office, and respect for human rights.

Respect for John Sangwa SC: The Minister assured that the government respects and will continue to respect Mr. John Sangwa SC as he advocates for the voiceless. However, he called on him to be truthful and speak to the reality of the current government’s actions.

The press briefing provided comprehensive insights into the government’s stance on various critical issues, offering transparency and clarity on key developments in Zambia.


  1. So according to the UPND, if the PF had done it then it’s good. If Matibini suspended 30 UPND MPs, Nellie has done better with only 19 suspensions irrespective of the reasons and circumstance. If the PF killed 10 people then the UPND will improve the record by killing 5 which represents 50% improvement. We’re in trouble

    • Why are there so many paras with guns, that’s dangerous to Mweetwa himself too. You don’t need those guns to protect Cornelius, who will harm him anyway?

  2. What about the high cost of living and the second worst performing currency in the world. To UPND Chellah Tukuta is a “key national issue and not the hungry Zambians.

  3. Reading this is useless if everything they do us deny, dismiss and compare the previous government to the current government. If PF used to sh!t in its pants five times a day and UPND sh!ts in it pants 3 times a week, how is that not sh!tting? And if you have to compare with PF, compare everything such as the price of mealie meal under PF, fuel, fertilizer, Infrastructure development and tribal appointment using figures.

  4. My dear Mweetwa your opposition is the people of Zambia who trusted HH to do things differently just wait for 2026 you won’t fool the Zambian people.Power is temporary,enjoy it for now

  5. I have lost hope. This Upnd is very blind and arrogant. How can you tell someone who has no food at all that their administration is better than PF because at least they Upnd are trying.
    Too defensive….if it were a soccer team they will not allow a goal but will not score.

  6. F00Iish empty tin noise maker. I am in Lusaka now after I went to lundazi to get some strong herbs to destroy these upnd cows.

  7. The USD has hit k23 today, agriculture inputs have not been delivered and the rains have already started. The mining industry is still in shambles. Here we are talking talking about PF which was kicked out, talking about Chellah Tukuta, Mundubile, Nelli Muti, 19 MPs, John Sangwa destructing people from the real issues of mealie meal, fuel and the failing economy in all sectors while HH is busy entertaining foreigners who are only here for our minerals.

    • The agriculture inputs distribution started way back in February 2023.
      That’s what happens when you operate in hatred and bitterness. Everything is doom and gloom

    • @Katana which February 2023. ? What was issued in February were things that were missing from the 2022 packs and most people are afraid of using them because they may have expired.
      Propaganda has no shame.

  8. At least he tried hard not to use the platform as a UPND Vuvuzela like he always does. Except for his response to “allegations of sponsored chaos” which he could have just said I’m passing on to UPND offices to respond

    • It looks like LT censored their report. If you read the Times of Zambia Mweetwa lambasted John Sangwa even using veiled threats telling Sangwa to tone down on his freedom of speech. What did he mean by “tone down” in a free country? Is he the Freedom of Speech policeman? In a democracy noone from the Executive wing determines citizens’ freedom of speech. That is for North Korea and Saudi Arabia.
      “Class Monitor” Mweetwa lambasted Sangwa, for “using unpalatable language on a live radio programme”.

  9. It is quite disheartening to find out that even the people who went to school can think that decision made today by GRZ must start bearing fruits immediately, no people economics does not work that way. The authority encouraged more people to grow more maize in 2023/24 season by raising the floor price.

    Suppose next year 2024 we harvest maize around 10 million metric tons, don’t you see the benefit here of selling surplus at USD5000.00 /tone.

    The law of demand and supply says if the supply side is more than the demand side then you expect the Corne flour or meal mill price go down.

  10. Please help train these Private TV media houses, just now there is a caption on a private TV on their main evening news saying Lusaka pregnant woman in Livingstone court instead of Pregnant Lusaka woman in Livingstone court.

    • That profession has died. It used to be called Journalism, nowadays it goes by many names: blogging, Instagramming, Tweeting, Tik-Toking, streaming. Practically anyone can nonsensically inform the whole world about nothing. There’s smoke signals all over us. Its up to the receiver of the message to decipher what is being communicated. “Lusaka Pregnant woman” wouldn’t have found its way past the good old sub-editors of the pre-internet age.

  11. Cheap politics will take you no were.You on record Sir of dividing PF you are very proud that PF is divided,but sorry to say PF is not divided and you will not destroy PF.”You said you are very happy to be part of destroying PF and you there is nothing to hide and that you are part of the people sporing disunite in PF” so all what you are saying is true and thie vengence and witch hunting but and see.Now the Catholic are up in arms to fight this battle of the stingy people.The Nationa Assembly as gone rogue.

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