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Registrar of Society has not been fired -Mwiimbu


Minister Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu has described as fake, the alleged list of opposition PF office bearers supposedly from the Registrar of Societies.REGISTRAR OF SOCIETY HAS NOT BEEN FIRED-MWIIMBU

Mr Mwiimbu has also clarified that the Registrar of Societies has not been fired but reassigned to other duties at cabinet office, contrary to social media reports.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka , Mr. Mwiimbu said the alleged list shows former President Edgar Lungu having been registered as PF President in 2002 and yet he was a member of the UPND at the time.

He said that late President Michael Sata was PF President as of 2002 contrary to indications by the said list making rounds on social media.

And Mr Mwiimbu stated that the Registrar of Societies has no mandate to issue any list without consultation with the Attorney General who is a lawyer for the government.

Mr Mwiimbu confirmed that the Registrar of Societies advised parliament on the changes on the names of PF office bearers hence the move by the Speaker of the National Assembly to take note of the changes.

Mr Mwiimbu added that he has been forced to comment on the matter despite it being in the courts law because of the many speculations surrounding the matter.


  1. I’ve lately doubted Mwiimbu’s sanity and now the goings on in his Ministry seem to confirm that. It’s the most amateurish scheme one can hatch to take over another Party. The security that was provided to Sampa are all courtesy of Mwiimbu. It’ll finally be proven that he’s the one that even misled Nellie. The earliest HH removes him the better, otherwise he’ll live to regret. There’s nothing wrong with the Registrar or the record that he’s talking about. His hatred for PF had clouded his thinking. Anyway, he’s always been a very dull lawyer

    • The earlier HH removes him? Lol. Who do you think is giving him instructions sir? I vehemently and violently refuse to believe the actions of speaker, ministry of home Affairs and everything under them (police, registrar of societies etc) are devoid of state house interference.

    • Who is Government Spokesperson Mwimbu or Mweetwa? No wonder Mweetwa sees his job as being Party spokesperson paid for by government

    • @Uncle Spider, instructions are coming from Community House, kraal of HH, and not from statehouse. The dubble HH is a conman, not president of majority of Zambians. He conned his way to head of state. He shall be impeached.

  2. We are not 5 year olds please. The woman is prompted by court order to release the list of office bearers, as soon as she does so armed police hound her out of the office and redeploy her. What difference does it make that she hasn’t been fired but ‘only’ been transferred?
    This whole debacle started with her office issuing an unconstitutional order for political parties (conveniently leaving out UPND) to hold conventions, police protecting a sham PF convention and subsequently the alleged change in office bearers which was wildly acknowledged by some so called speaker.
    Nonsensical behaviour that all well meaning Zambians must challenge.

  3. Culmination of decades of mediocrity. I am glad I have lived to see the degeneration that we feared when our so-called leaders started manufacturing string for their puppetry. Now the entire country is a show.

  4. Cry my beloved country! The presser bared your boss for us to see BMW’s finger prints in this case. ND has made Zambia a laughing stock to the international community. May I also add that this could be connected the backfiring of debt restructuring by IMF. Sata was absolutely right to call the leader of this cult as U5 Muleishiba utuntu!

  5. I read in ZO a statement from Chilangwa that UPND is on a self-destructive path. It is sad that Chilangwa is not able to see that it is actually the PF on a self-destructive caravan. Why should the ND waste time putting finger prints on the PF self-destructive caravan?? Poverty of the mind indeed!!

  6. They will start dying one by one. You cannot play with God like this just because you are in power. I curse you all in upnd.

  7. It’s very sad that instead of improving our lives those tasked are busy with self preservation machinations. You wonder why Africa will always be backwards?

    • A president is not supposed to be feared but respected. Only in primitive civilisations are leaders supposed to be feared because they hold so much power they can kill the very citizens they lead. Stone Age politics those. Here in the US, Trump found out the difference between a King and a President when his own driver refused his orders to be driven to Capitol Hill during the January 6 riots

    • Iwe Chi Kaizar. You hiding ku Zimbabwe manje ba kunyengela bana ku Zambia and you call yourself a father. Bana banyenga kuli ba garden boy, but iwe chikamba ubisama uko. bidewe opusa iwe kolwe.

    • I don’t fear that fool, I just find him so revolting that I need use toilet whenever I hear his name.

      @zedi I am in Zimbabwe with your f00Iish mother and sister. I sleep with them in same bed. Nilefi t0mba every night. Chicarla chawhistle. Moonyellow wambuuwa webo. Son of a beech

    • I don’t fear that f00l, I just find him so revolting that I need use toilet whenever I hear his name.

      @zedi I am in Zimbabwe with your f00Iish mother and sister. I sleep with them in same bed. Nilefi t0mba every night. Chicarla chawhistle. Moonyellow wambuuwa webo. Son of a beech

  8. I think let us be fair here the printout list of members of PF appear to be incorrect, this club was born in 2001 and ECL became PF president in 2015 not 2002 when the people were told to simply raise their hands in Kabwe instead of voting for president. Anyway, in the eyes PF members its normal and that is where I do not trust these people as long, they get what they want whether illegally or not to them it’s okay.

    • That is not a PF document. It is a government document so whatever errors are there were done by those in government; Eventually these are Mweetwa, Mwimbu, Hakainde, cabinet

  9. Many people warned the New Dawn Government not to keep people that were brought in the public service by PF. Has it been PF still in power this lady would be by this moment jobless. The PS Public Service Management should clean the Public Service and retain only professional civil servants.

    • Professional civil servants when your President is busy appointing unprofessional civil servants like Kawana? How can that happen

    • Iwe you not different from the PF. You looked like sheep but soon after winning the election you took off the sheep’s skin… you are wolves.

  10. Government officials serve at the pleasure of the president. He can hire and fire them on the whim. If you do not like what he is doing, you make him pay at the ballot box. That is how democracy works. The government does not need explain or account for how it fired that woman.

    • Terrible misunderstanding: outside of North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China and Eswatini, Government officials don’t serve at the pleasure of the president. It’s only cabinet members who do so. That’s how Western democracy operates.

  11. In modern civilised days of government administration, it is not normal to re-assign a civil servant by directing a squad of armed Police Officers to remove an Officer from the Office – particularly if is inflicted on a female civil servant. This sad event has shocked well-informed peoples in Africa and abroad. Whereas the Zambian opposition party leaders aspire to execute development agendas for the good of all Zambians, some leaders in Govt joined politics to punish innocent people. Despite the spell of hunger looming in the country, few leaders of UPND, who are salivating to take over leadership of the Party, are merely executing projects to destroy the popularity of their President. A wise adage states: ‘ICHIKUPEMPULA ECHIKULYA”.

  12. All Mwiimbu did was change 2022 to 2002. 2002 PF was just a premature baby with only one MP.
    Please stop these tactics. You are disgracing yourself.

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