Friday, March 1, 2024

ACC Advocates Mandatory Asset Declaration for Senior Government Officials to Combat Unjustified Wealth


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has called for a mandatory asset declaration for senior government officials as a crucial step in addressing the concerning trend of unjustified wealth. ACC Chairperson Musa Mwenye emphasized that it is imperative to compel Permanent Secretaries and other controlling officers to declare their assets, noting that the current lack of obligation raises concerns about accountability.

Speaking at the Law Development Commission’s Legal Seminar on the effectiveness of the Order on unjustified Wealth in Zambia held in Lusaka on Wednesday, Mwenye underscored the need for heightened efforts in the fight against corruption, aligning with the objectives outlined in the Eighth National Development Plan.

Mwenye also emphasized the urgency of recovering stolen government assets and national resources, highlighting the importance of robust measures to combat corruption effectively.

At the same seminar, Zambia Law Development Commission Chairperson Ruth Chibbabuka echoed the call for concerted efforts in the fight against corruption and money laundering. The joint emphasis from both ACC and the Law Development Commission reflects the shared commitment to strengthening legal frameworks and implementing measures to curb unjustified wealth and corruption in Zambia.

As discussions unfold around the effectiveness of the Order on unjustified Wealth, stakeholders are urged to actively engage in the collective efforts to address corruption and promote transparency within the government. The call for mandatory asset declaration serves as a significant step towards fostering accountability and integrity among senior government officials.


  1. Be serious and act like a man who as been given the mandate to look after the affairs of this nation. Is what you are saying what the law says. Is it mandatory or by law all public figures are suppose to comply by law to declare their assets? what is it say that you trying to portray.And just the nail on the head stop deli daring.

  2. A little too late the current have gad 2years of white collar looting ,while the former had their own years , our Presidents failed to declare I don’t think this will hold

    • UPND said no one including the president should declare assets/liabilities because Lungu has not done so.
      PF are Zambia’s standard of doing things lately. What ever wrong they did UPND want to outdo that. Now they are in overdrive.

  3. Hh continues to refuse to declare his stolen wealth, yet that is zambian people wealth he stole by undervaluing our parastatals for kickbacks

    • Stop your nonsense as you have no room to talk
      Your ecl had his day with the chinese and others plus your party is in a mess any logical thinking person would sort out this mess before throwing accustions elsewhere
      dont blame us for the lose coming your way in 2026

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