Friday, March 1, 2024

Protecting Education: Northern Province Bans Use of School Desks in Public Gatherings


In a bid to safeguard school furniture and ensure a conducive learning environment, the Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Bernard Mpundu, has issued a ban on the use of school desks for any public meetings within the province. Mpundu emphasized that these desks, procured by the government at considerable expense, are exclusively for the use of school children.

Addressing the community at Chinika Mpundu Primary School in Chilubi District, where he inaugurated a 1 by 2 classroom block constructed using the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Mpundu expressed concerns about the misuse of school desks in outdoor public gatherings. He highlighted that the desks, which cost the government between K1000 and K1500 each, were at risk of damage when left unattended after such events.

“I have seen that we have gotten desks from classrooms, but if the rains were to come, no one would be bothered to take the desks back, thus exposing them to risks,” he remarked.

Mpundu urged education authorities to prevent the use of school desks at public gatherings, emphasizing the government’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment for pupils. He also called on local authorities to ensure an adequate supply of desks to schools, especially those newly constructed.

The Permanent Secretary’s directive received support from Chilubi District Commissioner Risto Mushembe, who pledged to ensure its strict adherence across all schools in the district. Mushembe emphasized the government’s intention to provide desks for pupils, aiming not only to offer comfort but also to enhance their handwriting.

Chilubi Town Council Chairperson Rosemary Chimbini echoed the importance of supporting education and urged the public to rally behind the government’s efforts. She emphasized the role of the new classroom block in creating a conducive learning space for children and called for continued community support to facilitate further development initiatives.

The ban on using school desks in public gatherings aligns with the broader goal of preserving educational resources and ensuring that pupils have the necessary infrastructure for effective learning.


  1. Hypocritically selective move. Ban voting from schools too. And dont line up little pupils for president’s visits. Tell University students not to side with any political parties while studying with free taxpayers’ money

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