Sunday, July 14, 2024

President Hichilema Urges Acceleration of Compact 2 Components in Meeting with MCC Vice President


President Hakainde Hichilema has emphasized the need for expeditious finalization of the components of Compact 2 under the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). During a meeting with MCC Vice President of Compact Operations, Cameron Alford, at State House today, President Hichilema highlighted the impor
tance of overcoming hurdles that may hinder the timely execution of the project.

Expressing Zambia’s readiness to collaborate with the Millennium Challenge Corporation, President Hichilema identified key issues such as infrastructure and access to markets as vital components of Compact 2. He underscored the Zambian Government’s commitment to working with the MCC to allocate resources efficiently to areas in need.

President Hichilema sought to explore the flexibility of the program to incorporate new areas of need that may have arisen since the initial design of Compact 2. He acknowledged the strong partnership between Zambia and the United States and expressed gratitude for the support received during Compact 1.

Meanwhile, the President voiced concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the Ukraine-Russia war. He reiterated Zambia’s commitment to peace and called for de-escalation of conflicts. President Hichilema recognized the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on food shortages in many countries and highlighted Zambia’s potential to increase food production for local consumption and export within the region.

In response, Cameron Alford acknowledged considerable progress in planning Compact 2. He outlined the focus areas, including roads, improvements in the operations of the Food Reserve Agency, electricity, and irrigation, among others. Alford assured that the Millennium Challenge Corporation is aligned with President Hichilema’s vision to increase maize production to 10 million metric tonnes, emphasizing their commitment to complementing Zambia’s agricultural goals.

In a subsequent statement, President Hichilema expressed satisfaction with the meeting, emphasizing Zambia’s commitment to engaging in productive activities that drive economic development. He highlighted the importance of agriculture and road infrastructure for economic growth, positioning agriculture as a business, a source of empowerment, and a crucial element for food security. President Hichilema reiterated Zambia’s dedication to upholding partnerships, including those under the Millennium Challenge Corporation, fostering development for the benefit of all citizens.


  1. The president making direct deals himself and then when you investigate him ati my hands are clean because I wear white gloves. But some people…maeewe.

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