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ZESCO Unveils $89 Million Solar Project and Explores Alternative Energy Sources


Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has announced a bold initiative to invest in alternative energy sources, with an $89 million Solar Project taking center stage. Victor Mapani, the Managing Director of ZESCO, revealed the utility firm’s ambitious plans to diversify its energy generation portfolio, considering solar, nuclear, and geo-thermal options.

Addressing the media in Lusaka, Mapani outlined that the investment in alternative energy aligns with ZESCO’s Strategic Plan for the period 2023 to 2032. The Solar Project, costing $89 million, represents a significant step in embracing sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions.

In addition to solar, ZESCO is actively exploring nuclear and geo-thermal sources as part of its long-term energy strategy. Mapani emphasized the importance of seeking diverse and environmentally conscious alternatives to meet the growing energy demands of the nation.

Furthermore, Mapani highlighted ZESCO’s commitment to unlocking the potential of the Northern Circuit for hydropower generation. The region’s abundant rainfall pattern positions it as a promising area for harnessing hydropower resources, contributing to the country’s energy self-sufficiency.

On the financial front, Mapani provided an update on ZESCO’s efforts to settle outstanding debts, revealing that the corporation has paid $600 million of the $1.7 billion owed to private power generators as of December 2021. This financial commitment underscores ZESCO’s dedication to honoring its obligations and fostering sustainable relationships within the energy sector.


  1. At Zesco even smaller items don’t make sense. At one of those public hearings I asked the Zesco team why they charge clients for the pole, service line and metre when these remain the property of Zesco and add to their assets? The response was that they aren’t considered as Zesco property and aren’t on the list of assets. My follow up question was that, if I electrified our family house in Matero then after I differ with my brother I decide to build and relocate to 10 Miles, would Zesco allow me to take the pole, service line and metre to use at my new location? The response was that it’d be illegal and I’d go to prison. There was a resounding laughter in the audience. Zesco powering the nation!

    • We luck consumer protections that’s why these companies and indeed some politicians can do things and get away with it. Common sense is not always common. The consumer is regarded as fair game in the capitalist world.

  2. Why expend all this capital by government when IPPs can easily do it at a lower cost? Mapara ki mambala number 1.

    • There is no IPP for Zesco. That partnership is only for poor RDA and RATSA. Zesco is a money spinner and a typical kingmaker. At one time, the corporation was under the councils, but was gluttonously carried by a king to Lusaka owing to its riches.

    • I was saying, the public-private partnership can not be used on the power company. Unlike roads, bridges, water reticulations, etc., electricity generates its own resource revenues. The power firm can afford to clinch a loan and manage to pay up than depend on sources like Napsa.

  3. I read this as Zesco management have found a source of $89 million to loot and join the rest in buying plots and cars.

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