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23 year old takes her life over a K 10 note in Mwinilunga


A 23 years old grade eleven female pupil at Sailunga day secondary school in Mwinilunga district in Northwestern province has committed suicide.
This was after picking up a quarrel with her biological mother over a missing K10 note.
Northwestern province Police commissioner Dennis Moola has confirmed the matter in  an interview and identified the deceased as Queen Kavungu.
Mr. Moola explained that the incident occurred between 20:00 hours on November 18th, 2023 and 14:00 hours on November 19th, 2023 in Makangu area of senior Chief Sailunga’s chiefdom.
“This occurred between 18, November, 2023 around 20:00 hours and 19, November 2023 around 14:00 hours at Makangu area Mwinilunga District and acting on the report Police rushed to the scene and found the body of the deceased hanging on a tree” he said.
Th Uncle reported that his niece on November 18th, 2023 around 20:00 hours picked up a quarrel with her mother Fridah Kavungu, 44 of the same abode over her mother’s K10 she had gotten without her permission.
It was after the quarrel that the deceased suddenly fled from her home prompting her mother  and other family members to launch a man hunt for her but to no avail.
To their shock and astonishment the following day, Queen’s body was found lifeless hanging to a tree in a nearby bush about 500 metres away from her home.
“The mother of the deceased and other family members tried to look for her but could not find her.
” Unfortunately, today on 19 November, 2023 around 14:00 hours the body of the deceased female Queen Kavungu was discovered by some family members hanging on a tree using a chitenge wrapper material at a nearby bush about 500 meters away from her home” he said.
Upon receipt of the report, police in the area rushed to the scene where a physical inspection of the body was conducted for suspected foul play which was not dictated.
Police have since advised the bereaved family to proceed with burial arrangements.


  1. Never in the history of zambia have we seen such shocking deaths. A sign of the historic failures of the upnd who have failed to manage our economy. 10 kwacha mwebantu

    • Fuseke with your stupid untimely remarks
      Carry on with your so called mourning
      If you recall your so called PF put us in this position
      with the massive debt which will take years to sort out

    • @Tikki: You are 150% correct. The Party of Fools found Zambia with almost no debt, and with about $4 billion in foreign reserves. They ate the foreign reserves, and then borrowed another $31 billion which has impoverised Zambia as it has use all the money it gets to pay the interest on this debt…

    • Tikki I hope you have enjoyed getting reactions from me in your sad little life. I am now giving you silent treatment. You thrive off my responses and comments. From now on I will ignore you because you amount to nothing. Enjoy being a lone dog. Eeembwa bye bye

    • Shocking deaths occurred during Lungu you ***** when Lungu’s cadres commanded by you murderers innocent Zambians,so STFU!

  2. Lusaka times, it can’t be suspected foul which was not dictated but I am sure you mean detected. The bottom line is that please scrutinise what you put out to the public. Sad news though

  3. This is what happens when a king refuses to acknowledge prayers, they open a door to sata.nic activities without them knowing. Too many suicidal cases from the time Upnd formed government God knows why…Can the church get into prayers please even though some leaders don’t approve of it…This is purely the work of the de.vil and his agent. Hell is real so is Heaven. God is real so is the devil. Darkness must go….

  4. Whether Kz responds or not is irrelvant
    the man is a liar and fraud
    posts nothing but inuendos
    always has proof but produces nothing
    wont answer anything about PF fragmentation or the $400,000 left lying around
    he is just a tr00l


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